Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Immaculate Conception and finding a wife

Mary-like girls and a Christ-like boy saluting
the American Flag. While not a civil holiday,
the Patronal Feast of the USA may be a good
day to fly and salute the American Flag.
Thursday, Dec. 8th is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, the Patroness Feast of the United States of America, and a Holy Day of Obligation. There are three reminders that I have to make you, the reader, aware of:

1) Immaculate Conception is a Holy Day of Obligation in the Universal Church, which means Mass attendance without the penalty of grave sin is required. HOWEVER, if you are like me, have medical issues, can't drive a car, and can't get to a [Latin] Mass on Thursday, then you will be excused.  

2) Immaculate Conception commerorates the conception of Mary herself without Original Sin, not that of Jesus. While Jesus was conceived immaculately as well, this is actually commemorated on March 25th, the Feast of the Annunciation. I know that it's confusing, and I get stumped sometimes myself. But if the Blessed Virgin Mary did not live, Christ wouldn't have come as Our Saviour. Since Christ is fully God and fully human, it took him 9 months, just like anyone else, to develop in the Blessed Virgin's womb.

3) Immaculate Conception, while a feast that has the Gloria, is still part of our Advent preparation. It reminds me that I would want a wife that is like the Blessed Virgin Mary. While we cannot produce immaculate conceivable women today, a good Catholic girl can imitate Mary very easily. She should know what her gender role is. If I, the Catholic husband, am married to anything other than a Catholic wife, then how can I be Christ-like?

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