Friday, November 4, 2011

Top 10 reasons why Bishops don't say the Latin Mass (Letterman style)

10. "I can't fit into the tunicle and dalmatic. They make me sweat to death!"
9.   "I'm not the center of attention." (Christ in the tabernacle is)
8.   "Who needs two mitres? I'm not the pope!"
7.   "The faithful don't need it." (Not true)
6.   "As bishop I'm in charge of worship in my diocese!" (must obey Rome)
5.   "It belongs only to the Lefebvrites." (Again, not true)
4.   "I rather spend time as an activist rather than saving souls."
3.   "I don't know Latin."
2.   "I was ordained a diocesan priest." (Doesn't matter)


1. "The Tridentine Mass is not Catholic. The Church was invented during the Second Vatican Council. I rather allow sodomy in my flock then getting caught by the IRS. Besides, the Latin Mass offends anyone who is a non-believer."

WHO CARES! If you don't say it traditionally, people like myself won't come!

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