Thursday, November 24, 2011


This morning I had a Thanksgiving Turkey at my uncle's house, but I was missing someone. I was missing my date. Yes, the reason why I'm doing this blog. I told my mother, "No date, no Thanksgiving." But she made me go anyway, and the apple pie was the best part.

It wasn't so much the meal that triggered me to write this on a holiday, but something that landed in the elders' mailbox this week. It was an "invitation" for attendance at a Novus Ordo Mass at my ex-parish. Well, I don't attend New Masses, so my dad thought they want me to come back. I ain't coming back!

Below, I've photoshopped the main poster to make it sound that it really is:

There it is! A high altar not being used.  A novena promotion that doesn't work. And the invitation of a Jesuit heretic who uses the title "Father" but is wearing a suit instead of ecclesiastical dress. I've heard enough if it already...

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