Monday, November 14, 2011

People under 50 don't know Catholicism? Uh, sort of.

The year 2012 will be here in six weeks or so, and 2012 marks the 50th anniversary of the opening of Vatican II. To put this into retrospect, Michael Voris explains that he just turned 50 recently, and that 50-year-olds are the first generation of Catholics to see the Church get destroyed to what it is today:

Unless you attend a Latin Mass and practice traditional Catholicism, chances are people under 50 don't know the true teachings of the Catholic Church. My parents are older than 50, so they grew up with the Latin Mass, but don't appreciate it as much as I do, and I was born into the Novus Ordo Church. 

My parish has plenty of children in it; the altar boys are boys. Baptism is done ASAP. Confession is pentitential, and Extreme Unction is reserved for "at danger of death." There are no eucharistic ministers, no lay lectors, no guitars, no bands, no sign of peace, and no one touches the host except the priest, deacon, and subdeacon. 

P.S.: Happy Birthday Michael Voris! Happy Birthday to you! Ad multos annos!

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