Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fugitive Priest goes to Asia: Look out!

Several weeks ago I reported on the news item that Lowe Dongor, a priest of the Worcester Diocese, was arraigned on child porn and larceny charges. Now, the "Fugitive Priest" is now on the run somewhere in Asia after he was a no-show at a court hearing the other day. In result, Bishop McManus wrote a letter to the Filipino bishops telling them he is "not a priest in good canonical standing." (You may read the T&G article here.)

Now, this is not what I want to hear. First of all, this is one what slipped through the cracks, and should have not been allowed to enter the seminary. Secondly, he was released on personal recognizance, another mistake by the court. He should have been locked up in jail, and now the FBI has to get involved trying to hunt him down.

Lastly, if a priest or bishop of the Latin Rite refuses to say the Latin Mass, then they should no longer be affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church.

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