Monday, November 7, 2011

Archbishop Dolan bans gay marriage

This is the first great step for man to be closer to God.

His Excellency, Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York City has forbidden anything which equals "Catholic+gay."

On a decree dated October 18th, the Archbishop has banned all Catholics in his archdiocese from participating in gay civil unions. (The full text of the decree can be read here.)

As I said at the top, this is the first great step for man to be closer to God.

I am very happy the Archbishop issued the decree in retaliation against the two GOP state senators (both whom are Catholics and Knights of Columbus) who voted in favor of making sodomy legal in the Empire State, and for the "Catholic?" governor for signing it into law. Such an act was never done by any of the Bishops in Massachusetts when Goodrich v. Dept. of Public Health was heard before the Supreme Judicial Court and declared that traditional marriage was unconsitutional.

I am glad that an American prelate has finally put his foot down on the rapid pace of same-sex marriages that are being licensed every weekend, and more states, and even now the Feds want to get into the business. While merchants will be making plenty of cash that stimulates the economy in Midtown Manhattan, Traditionalist Catholics know better that this behavior is morally unacceptable.

Gay marriage is not the only problem. There are plenty of mixed marriages that are being recognized by the Novus Ordo Church. (For ecclesiastical purposes, a "mixed" marriage is that between a Catholic and non-Catholic.) While most Novus Ordo priests and bishops sign-off on interfaith gatherings, the traditional Roman Catholic Church and her clergy will never approve of such actions because it is an impediment to marriage. That's right. If you, the Catholic, marry a heretic, and your marriage ends up in divorce (which is a 50-50 chance), then  your marriage was null and void because you both were not baptized in the Name of the Father, Son, & Holy Ghost. End of story.

Now, last but not certainly the least, Novus Ordo Weddings outright. When a V2 couple decides to marry with the blessing of the church, they will pay $500-1000 dollars for a weekend retreat that does not deal with the Christian principles of marriage, nor they will not get a chance at Sunday Mass. For the ceremony itself, the parish will charge the couple $2500-5000 for the ceremony as a "stipend" for the priest officiant (prohibited by Canon Law). The couple had been cohabitating before and during the engagement, which is another impediment toward marriage. Then, the ceremony (yes, its a ceremony; no Masses in the Novus Ordo Church) is done with too many restrictions.

But the two worst things are: (1) the bride and bridesmaids are wearing immodest dresses, and (2) the bride does not take her new husband's surname completely. It's Mr. & Mrs.; not Ms. & Mr. They then contracept.

At least the traditional Catholic couple will get a Betrothal at the church to begin marriage prepartion; take a Pre-Vatican II Pre-Cana class; chastity before the vows, which take place before the Nuptial Mass (a full Mass with the Nuptial Blessing after the Pater Noster and Blessing of Abraham after the Ite Missa Est), the dresses (at least in church) are modest, the Showering of the Blessed Virgin Mary (or Coronation), a Mr. & Mrs. Couple, and hopefully, a loving and caring Catholic home with lots of children.

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