Tuesday, September 13, 2011

T&G exposed sins of Worcester

In today's edition of the Telegram & Gazette, two articles appear on the Local section about sins from the Diocese of Worcester, but they are absolutely related to one another.

First of all, the bottom article with a large picture of the interior of the new St. Gabriel the Archangel Church in Upton. This church was "consecrated" by the Bishop on 9/11, but the interior looks empty. There are limited aesthetics. I couldn't see if there was a tabernacle or not.

Secondly, the more serious one would be the arraignment of the Rev. Lowe Dongor on child porn and larceny charges. Dongor was assigned to St. Joseph's in Fitchburg after being ordained in 2010, and the Bishop placed him on administrative leave this summer because he felt something was wrong.

Well, the sins are now exposed in the newspaper, and I could not believe the accusations as I read them. The first Filipino priest for the diocese actually stole money from the parish and sent it electronically to family in the Philipines! What happened to "Thou shalt not steal?" Also, he is accused of looking a nude girls under ten to twelve years old! TEN! Not 18, but TEN!

What do these stories have in common? Well, they expose the problems of the Novus Ordo Church. Vatican II caused all these problems. The New Rite of Presbyteral Ordination does not make a priest able to offer Mass for the living and dead, to forgive sins, "to bless, to preach, to guide, and to baptize" as the Traditional Rite of Priestly Ordination does.

Also, if you saw the picture of the new "altar" in the new "church", it is a free-standing table, not an altar against the wall with a reredos and at least six candles, a tabernacle, and a crucifix as the traditional altar requires. I don't believe that this church was consecrated in the traditional manner, including the insertion of relics of St. Gabriel in the altar. All traditional altars have relics of saints in them, but the Novus Ordo tables most likely don't have any, especially if they are made out of wood or plastic.

In order for the Church to contain Holy Priests, they must be sent to traditional, Pre-Vatican II seminaries, where they could learn what the real Catholic priesthood is all about, what the real Catholic Mass is all about, and what the True and Real Roman Catholic Church is all about.

Ironically, St. Joseph's in Fitchburg had a Traditional Latin Mass during Rev. Dongor's curiate, but he did not celebrate any of those Masses that I'm aware of. Those Masses were said by Fr. David Phillipson of the St. Benedict Center.

As you can clearly see, Worcester Diocesan priests today are not clearly trained to practice and preach the orthodox Catholic Faith was passed down from generations to generations. I know a transitional deacon who is, but I hope he is really learning it and not the exception to the rule.

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