Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Cathedral for Raleigh, NC

The Diocese of Raleigh, North Carolina has selected the preliminary design of Washington, D.C. architect James McCrery, AIA, for the new Cathedral of the Holy Name of Jesus, Bishop Michael F. Burbidge announced yesterday.

The new cathedral, which is groundbreaking is not scheduled until 2013, will be on a 39 acre lot already owned by the diocese. It will cost between $75-90 million. The 2000 seating capacity will accomodate most diocesan celebrations that the current Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in downtown Raleigh cannot. Sacred Heart, the mother church of Raleigh, seats only 300 people, but will be retained as a parochial church.

For more information, please visit the diocesan press release which can be accessed here.

The Floorplan includes three altars; two in the main sanctuary
and one in a side chapel. At least it appears that there will
be different options for the Ordinary & Extraordinary Forms
of the Roman Rite.

The Cathedral will be constructed afar from the inner-city
congestion in a quiet "wooded" area. Romanesque in style.

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