Saturday, September 17, 2011

Free Press exposed Vol. 1, Issue 6

The two major news articles from the Sept. 16th edition of The Catholic Free Press show that the Church in Worcester County, Massachusetts is struggling to be part of the Universal Church and in communion with Rome.

First of all, there was the so-called "Catholic" perspective on the dedication of St. Gabriel's in Upton. As you will see, there is a photo of 3 girls and a boy placing the one cloth on the Novus Ordo table. While the women are nicely dressed (minus the mantilla), they have no business being in the sanctuary. The table is made of wood, a clear violation of the rubrics.

But most importantly, and part of my family's history, was finally and completely erased forever when the former St. Casimir's Lithiuanian Parish was sold to Pentecostals the other day. This makes it really sad since my grandmother grew up in that parish and was (luckly enough) to be buried from there. My father went to the "Sister School" as he calls it. If she were still alive today, she would be very pissed-off, I guarantee it.

When St. Casimir's closed, that put the end to any Lithiuanian culture (secular or religious) in Worcester County. I understand the Lithiuanian people speak English anyhow, but the parish could have been sold to someone more worthy (I hope the Attorney General's office voids this deal!). This church property could have been sold to a traditionalist religious order such as the Society of St. Pius X, the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, or the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign High Priest, just to name some examples. At least this way, the Traditional Latin Mass could be restored for good in Worcester without having the diocese interferring with clergy assignments, and maybe only visit for confirmation if even that (at least the SSPX has 4 bishops who can visit). The name "St. Casimir's" could have been retained if this happened, and the Faith of Our Fathers could have been restored if this happened.

But nope! They had to sell to the highest bidder, which was the Pentecostal group, who will destroy the stained glass et al., and rename it some profane name. To make matters worse, the proceeds go to SJ's, the parish that they were merged with. They too have a Pentecostal/Charismatic group, so it must be "friends helping friends." (For more information on Pentecostalism, please read my August 7th post.)

This transaction also solidifies the Diocese of Worcester as being one of the worse dioceses in the United States, and maybe in the entire world, in terms of spreading the Faith. I wouldn't be surprised if His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, surpresses the diocese as he promised to take action against some American dioceses this Fall.

Hey, the Bishop is selling it out!

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