Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How it really should be done

Every year (I hope) in each cathedral church in the world, seminarians who complete their priestly formation are ordained in the diocese where they will become members of.

But, most of them are not Catholic ordinations.

On my Youtube channel, I have found a series of videos of a priestly ordination  conducted in the Extraordinary Form by Bishop Salvatore Cordileone of Oakland. He is ordaining an FSSP priest during the Ember Saturday of Advent 2009. You may see that set of 15 video parts here. 

Now, in the diocese where I technically [still] live, priestly ordinations are more properly termed "presbyteral" because the Novus Ordo Church ordains its ministers to "preside over the liturgy", not "offer sacrifice, to bless,  to guide, to preach,  and to baptize" as the traditional Roman Catholic priest is called to do. Nor he is given the faculties of absolving people from their sins confessed behind the screen.

Besides, the word presbyter is Greek for "elder", whereas the Latin word for priest is sacredos, meaning "sacred person." An elder is presiding, not sacrficing. In my diocese, the priests are called just to sit on their rear-ends and let the old ladies run the show. To see an example of the problems in creating holy priests today, you may see this year's Novus Ordo ordination here.

O Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of the Clergy, obtain for us a plentiful amount of Holy Priests. Amen.

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