Friday, July 1, 2011

Oversized monstrance out of compliance

On this past Sunday, the External Solemnity of Corpus Christi, the Diocese of Worcester held its annual Spanish Corpus Christi procession. It's called Spanish because it takes place following a Novus Ordo Mass in Spanish. They have been having it for quite a few years now. It starts at the Cathedral of St. Paul with the mess, goes down Main Street for a mile and a half or so, and ends at St. Peter's Parish, across the street from Clark University.

Now the horror story: I received the Catholic Free Press, the Worcester diocesan weekly newspaper, today. I don't know how I'm getting it since the elders that I still live with did not renew their subscription; they can't afford to either. On the back page, I saw these photos (I scanned them so they may not be of great quality):

In this photo, the first violation of the Rubrics clearly is the use of a female torchbearer. Second of all, that torch is a requiem torch, and it is not to be used outside of a Requiem Mass. Third, while the vestements are correct, the bishop is carrying a monstrance that is way-to-big! The cross is taken from the diocesan coat-of-arms, but the color of brown is against the rubrics. If this is made out if wood, then it cannot be a monstrance. A monstrance is made of gold and silver, not wood.

In this photo, only one lady is wearing a hat, and another wearing a mantilla. Everyone else is dressed like its a party.

In this photo, these are First Communion kids. The girls are not wearing modest dresses, and I see some jeans there!

These women are dressed nicely, accept only one is wearing a hat as a head covering. Where a the mantillas las ninas?

Now, last but not least, the monstrance reaches the Novus Ordo table at St. Pete's. While there is a nice Da Vinci-styled Last Supper mural, there is no high altar. There are only 2 candles on the "altar" and one off to the side, which is against the rubrics. You're supposed to have 2 candlebrae with 7 on each one for Benediction, which equals 14, the number of stations of the Cross.

This is sad.

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