Wednesday, July 27, 2011

One Year Already

One year ago this week, this blog, Catholic Traditional Looking for Wife, went on the air. I was very unsatisfied with the online dating sites charging a fortune for total access, and with my ex-parish's attitude on marriage, that I figure I would try something new. I was just recovering for a predatory breakup that this girl from my ex-parish actually had another boyfriend longer than I had, so the f****** mother threatened me to call the cops and have me arrested and jailed if I contacted the family again. So I did not contact them, and I switched parishes for good, hoping that I could meet some new people.

Once making the switch to the Latin Mass parish at a place I will eventually move to, there was a big difference. Not just the liturgy and theology (yes, my ex-parish was not really a Catholic church after all), but the overall environment. I worship along with two families with 10 kids apiece, people from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Cape Cod, rich and poor, and so forth. There are no "stuck-up" people. Jesus is at the center of worship, not the voodoo doll. There is a BVM Sodality for Women and a newly formed Holy Name Mens Group (which I joined). There are meatless Fridays, Ember Days, Rogation Days, and the Angelus and Rosary after Mass (I leave after the Angelus). 

When it comes to the young women of the parish, they are either married with children, or they are under the age of 18, for whom I cannot touch. Coming from a distance to attend Mass is difficult, but I have found rides or have taken the bus or train; some young women don't want to be bothered. 

I respect a young woman's privacy, but I hope that a young Traditionalist Catholic woman comes to me soon. I hope you will pray for me and for the young woman who has not met me yet, that we will meet eachother, and we may become husband and wife. 

I will continue with this blog until my wife is found. Amen.  

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