Saturday, July 9, 2011

No Crystal Catholic Cathedral

Fr. Z is reporting on a possible purchase by the Diocese of Orange County, CA for the world-renown Crystal Cathedral, a postmodern architectural gem designed by glass architect Philip Johnson, which opened in 1980, for the use as Orange County's cathedral.

Crystal Cathedral is currently going through foreclosure, with a price tag from $50-100 million. The Diocese has plans to build a 2,500 seat cathedral in Santa Ana, with that estimated price tag of $200 million.

Obviously, the purchase of this cathedral will save $100-150 million, but it is not suitable for use as a Catholic house of worship.

The retiring Bishop of Orange County, Tod Brown, is known for not giving communion to people on the tongue, and allowing liturgical abuses such a Halloween and Barney Masses.

The incumbent cathedral of the diocese, Holy Name Cathedral, is a small and empty parish church with modernism written all over it.

While the plans for the new cathedral have not been made public, I hope they are not modelled after the disasterous plans for the Los Angeles cathedral designed by Jose Rafael Moneo.

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