Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Loving Girls named Jillian

This Saturday, a girl named Jillian will be married at my parish church.

O Jillian, what a beautiful name, and how sweet does that sound? That is a very ellegant name. Believe it or not, it is considered a Catholic name. According to several baby naming sites, the name Jillian (or some just christen as Jill) is very popular in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. Why? I don't know for sure. But I may guess it is the fact that many children of Irish decent are naming their daughters after the Irish.

Many Catholics in the USA historically have come from Ireland after the Potato Famine. Why the surnames are diverse, if the mother had a maiden Irish surname, then the chance of naming an Irish baby is greater. Remember, the Irish Americans believe that they founded the American Roman Catholic Church, exclusively.

But that is false. Jesus Christ founded the Roman Catholic Church in all nations for the salvation of souls.

The name Jillian is Latin for "Girl with a youthful heart." If you name your daughter Jillian, she will feel like the youngest child even though the contrary. If men marry Jillians, then they BOTH will feel young for the rest of their lives. If a grandchild is named Jillian, then, I don't know...

Now how would we consider Jillian a Catholic name? While one website suggests that there is no canonized saint named Jillian, there is a city on Malta called St. Jillian's. So there, there has to be a canonized St. Jillian because Malta, which used to be a Catholic country until they legalized divorce a few months ago, has their cities named after parish churches the relics are stored in their high altars.

You also have to believe in a St. Jillian because priests have been baptizing girls Jillian, not just in the Novus Ordo Church, but in the traditional Roman Catholic Church as well. The name, albeit popular since 1980 and beyond, has been used for centuries. Nobody is sure on the story of this Saint Jillian, whether she is a martyr or not, but she is canonized in some book. There are thousands and possibly millions of saints that the Pope does not know offhand.

I could only find on Youtube the baptism in a Novus Ordo Parish of a Jillian fully immersed into the water, publicly, possibly during the Cookie service. They played magician music after the words "...Spirit. Amen" where pronounced. I feel bad for this girl because she cannot be saved from the fires of hell since this baptism was not valid due to the fact she was not exorcised beforehand. In another words, this is not the Latin Rite practice.

The reason I bring up the name Jillian because she is the one for whom I wish to marry. Jillians are smart, sexy, modest, cute, attractive, outgoing, and Catholic. Please pray that she may come. I don't know who she looks like, but could Jillian the architect be in the cards?

St. Jillian, ora pro nobis!

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