Sunday, July 17, 2011

Girls and Sports

Last night, I attended a professional baseball game, an "independent" minor league not affiliated with Major League Baseball. It was a lovely evening with about 800 people in attendance. Despite it being Cub Scout Night, there were mothers and young women throught the ballpark. It was also a typical Saturday dog-day of summer night: the 7:05 first pitch the temperature was about 90 degrees; the game ended at 10 pm in pitch black at 69 degrees.

With this in mind, most of the females at the ballpark were wearing summer appropriate attire: which included shorts, short-sleeve shirts, t-shirts, tanktops, and bathing suits, etc. etc. etc. When it was time to play the National Anthem, the girls stood up, placed their hands across their hearts, and with pride took the Anthem to their hearts.

The guys, however, some did not have the courtesy to remove their hats (only men are allowed to remove their hats, not women; per St. Paul and the U.S. Flag Code), and did not take the hymn seriously.

While this game was just a night out and no competition, the fans should have been competing for spots in the Kingdom of Heaven. For men, not taking your hat off is a sin. For girls, not placing your right hand over across your heart is a sin. For men without hats, placing not placing your hand over your heart is a sin. If you are a U.S. Citizen, not saluting the flag when supposed to (especially in a large assembly like this one) is a sin.

This game was played on the campus of a Jesuit Catholic insitution of higher education, as this home team rents the field for the short, 3 month season as home field. If the Pope were to visit this field to celebrate Mass in front of these same 800 fans, how many men would actually take their hats off and leave them off until the Holy Father has left the building?

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