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The Church is not a social service agency

Once upon a time there was an inner city parish that had the name "Catholic" written on it. It was a parish that had over 1000 people registered in the parish. It once was orthodox, but the "Spirit of Vatican II" interfered with its catholicity. There once was an altar rail, the Mass was said in Latin, facing east, reverently; there were parish schools facultied by religious brothers and sisters who made next to nothing. Priests wore cassocks, nuns wore habits. Confessionals were full. Babies came and went to get baptized. There was a Ladies' Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a Holy Name Society for men, and a St. Vincent de Paul Society to bury the paupers. [In those days everyone got a Requiem and body burial, regardless of ability to pay.]

All that was Catholic was all good and well, until something ticked.

The wrecking ball comes in to destroy the high altar and side altars.

The "Mass" is said on a free-standing "table."

There are no more religious brothers and sisters.

Priests abandoned their cassocks, and most likely their vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience.

Anyone caught not changing their liturgies and sanctuaries would be excommunicated.

That was true in my ex-parish, and it gets worse...

St. John's Church in Worcester, Massachusetts, was established in 1834 after a petition from Robert Laverty, an Irish emigrant and railroad worker, to Boston Bishop Benedict Fenwick, S.J., because there was no one to give proper catechesis to the 100 railroad workers and their families.

In  result, Fr. James Fitton, a priest from Boston, known as the "Apostle of New England", as he visited Worcester once a month to celebrate Mass and administer the Sacraments. They built wooden structure, known as Christ Church, in 1836. It later outgrew, and the present-day church was built. In 1846, the church was consecrated by Bishop John Fitzpatrick of Boston, as "St. John's Church." It has been known as that ever since. It is the Mother Church of two dioceses, Springfield (est. 1870) and Worcester (est. 1950). It is the fifth oldest Catholic parish in Massachusetts, with the oldest being the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston. It produced several priestly vocations, daughter parishes, and schools.

From its establishment until at least 1962, the parish was opperating orthodoxly was a Catholic parish. Ever since Vatican II, the parish has been virtually stripped of its garments. The Traditional Latin Mass has not been said there since Vatican II opened.

Instead of providing a safe place for Catholics to practice the Faith of their Fathers, it provides a place for people to dress immodestly and socialize. It is a place every Tuesday night that you can party in the basement chapel and speak tongues. It is a place were kids can watch Disney movies and cut out pictures of Jesus, but are not allowed to believe that he rose from the dead, or to receive His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity in the Most Holy Eucharist. It is a place where at select Masses you can sing praise and worship music, and hear the pastor talk about sports instead of giving an legitimate sermon. They use the term "Holy Spirit" instead of the proper English translation of Spiritus Sancti: "Holy Ghost."

More importantly, they deny the very same Catholic Faith that was codified during Session XXII of the Council of Trent. They deny transubstantiation by (1) not teaching the kids about this, (2) saying Mass facing the people, advertising it as a meal and not a sacrifice; and (3) allowing laywomen to enter the sanctuary during the Our Father to give out the "cookie-wafer" in the hands of the people standing, a practice insituted by Thomas Cramner in his 1549 Book of Common Prayer.

Enough said with their liturgy, the idol they actually worship is the food pantry, not the Triune God. To give more of a perspective, the following Vortex by Michael Voris reliterates Pope Benedict XVI's condemnation of social justice activities in the Church:

As you saw in this video, the Roman Catholic Church is not a philanthropic or social service agency. While these things are important, it is not the objective of the Church. Feeding the hungry may make someone live another day, it is not going to save their soul from the fires of Hell.

To confess, the place I have been calling "SJ's" in this blog is actually St. John's Church, located on Temple Street in Downtown Worcester. SJ's is the place where I received my First Communion and Confirmation according to the Novus Ordo of the Church. I later served on the parish council, where the other members wanted to destroy the Church. I was the only orthodox one on the council. It is the place my friend paid his hard-earned money to restore the high altar, and it is not being used. It is the place that I really got sick of, and then I switched parishes to a Latin Mass parish.

To make matters worse, they are sponsoring a fundraiser in the fall to raise money for the Food for the Poor Center they recently purchased for rehabilitation. They are having a Celebrity Gala: Night with the Stars, at the Hanover Theatre on October 15th, I believe. They are all over the news. They are having Hollywood come up to perform, and having local political dignitaries speak, too.

In terms of the poltical dignitaries, they are inviting one that is not appropriate for a Church-sponsored event. Mrs. Ted Kennedy will be the keynote speaker. As you may or may not be aware, Mrs. Kennedy followed every political move her late husband, the Senator from Massachusetts, made, and that includes supporting abortion.

With that said, she should not be allowed to speak since it is against the Catholic teaching to support abortion of any kind. Nothing against her and her late husband personally, it is just not the Catholic teaching to have this. So as the whole entire project, for which they want to raise $875,000 to renovate the building. In order to end his heretical project, I am asking all Massachusetts residents, especially those living in the Diocese of Worcester, Catholic or not, to write a letter to His Excellency, Bishop McManus, to stop this project. His chancery address is as follows:

His Excellency
The Most Reverend Robert J. McManus, S.T.D.
Bishop of Worcester
49 Elm Street
Worcester, MA 01609

Please write one soon. The quicker, the better.

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