Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Scout is Reverent, uh, sort of

"The Scout Oath"
By Norman Rockwell
As a former Boy Scout, I have to say that I did attend summer camp for five years, learning by doing swimming, rifle shooting, archery, handicraft, pioneering, knot tying, and a lot of other stuff.

The camp would open on Sunday, which we could check in, take the swim test, and eat pizza that was three years old. Afterwards, there was something called chapel. I presume this fufills the twelveth point of the Scout Law, "A Scout is reverent." There were two choices of services to attend, one was a Novus Ordo Mass for "Catholics" and the other was a non-demonimational service for others. Attendance at one of the services was mandatory. As a Catholic scout, I was duped into choosing the Novus Ordo.

When we had the "Mass" at the campfire ring, the altar-table only had a corpal. The priest-presbtyer-chaplain used one of those Novus Ordo Mass Kits, where the priest could travel and have (most) of the sacred objects with him in the briefcase.

To make matters worse, and the most obvious abuse, was the priest omitted the chasuble, never mind the maniple. He wore a stole only. "Protestant?", I thought.

The Mass was low with no type of chanting and music, in English, and said facing the scouts. Nobody bothered bringing a pillow to kneel when they were supposed to, instead they stood for the elevation of the cookie and wine cup.

The priest went even one extreme and asked before hand "How many of you guys will be receiving communion tonight?" Everyone practically raised their hands, which generally 50-75 people generally attended the Catholic service. Scouts also read the Old and New Testament readings, along with the Psalm. Even one assisted in giving out the cookies. Recevied in the hand standing, of course.

The service was timed at 30 minutes. Even the flag-lowering ceremony afterwards with the whole camp had faith written all over it, and was extremely ceremonial than this Novus Ordo Mass.

Now these camps were before Summorum Pontificum, of course.

When trying to Google "Latin Mass at scout camp", you can't find any results nor images. But you do get a link to the National Catholic Committee on Scouting, the organization that assists the Boy Scouts of America in finding Catholic priests to serve as chaplains to scouts in their dioceses and councils. This organization is "Novus Ordo-ized", and not a true Catholic organization (At least that has been the case since Vatican II). They offer the BSA Catholic Religious Emblems that scouts may earn, but I didn't, and thank the Lord I didn't because the programs, which include Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, are Novus Ordo-ized.

The stereotype today is that all kids in junior high and high school do not like the true Catholic Mass and Sacraments. That is not the case. There are Tridentine parishes that have charters with the BSA to host scout troops.

And to make sure that the Catholics at camp have the oppertunity to attend the Traditional Latin Mass at scout camps this summer, I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE ALL CAMP DIRECTORS AND SCOUT EXECUTIVES TO RECRUIT CATHOLIC CLERGY WHO WILL CELEBRATE THE TRADITIONAL LATIN MASS AT SCOUT CAMP ON SUNDAYS THIS SUMMER.

I would suggest that you talk to the priests who will be saying the Masses directly and recruit them directly, since bishops, unless they are Fabian Bruskewitz or Marcel Lefebrve, will not take action.

St. George, Patron of Scouting, ora pro nobis!

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