Monday, June 6, 2011

Cardinal Sean confirms 14 in old rite

On Saturday, June 4th, His Eminence, Sean Patrick Cardinal O'Malley, OFM Cap., Archbishop of Boston, adminstered the Sacrament of Confirmation in the Extraordinary Form at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston. After the confirmation, Fr. Raymond Van DeMoortell, pastor of St. Adelaide's Parish in Peabody (20 mins. north of Boston), offered a Missa Cantata in Presence of a Greater Prelate (that was Cardinal Sean from his throne).

The sad thing is that there were only 14 children confirmed that afternoon, I mean, 14! One for each station of the cross. There were only 14 confirmandi in the whole archdiocese this year. What a shame.

This event was advertised as an archdiocesan event, seeking anyone who wished to be confirmed to have it done in the Cathedral, the church that every parish supports via catechedrum (which is a 17.5% tax on parish collection plates). As a member of this archdiocese, every parishioner must support the Cathedral, even if having services done there for thy own benefit. But nope, only 14 decide to get confirmed during this ceremony, with four families sending multiple candidates to Cardinal Sean, according to the program.

It sounded like that 200 people were going to get confirmed, but why only 14?

First of all, out of approximately "2 million Catholics", only 300,000 or so regularly attend, but most likely they'll attend the cookie service with Protestant hymns and Pentecostal dancing. With about 10 Latin Sunday Masses, we could say they only count for about 2,000 or so of the 300,000, and .000001 percent of the 2 million? That tells you even though 10 masses in one diocese at diocesan parishes is above the US average, the people are not smart enough to attend, or petition for, the Traditional Latin Mass.
Secondly, it was nice to see married pregnant women at the ceremony, with children and their husbands accompanying them. They are the future of the church, whether they marry or join the religious orders. They are the future. Period.

Thirdly, Cardinal Sean gave an orthodox sermon that covered a full range of topics, such as the Ascension, Pentecost, Marriage, materialism, family life, keeping the 3rd Commandment, etc., etc., etc...

And lastly, the ceremony was excellent in itself, with an all-male schola singing and chanting all the hymns (the processional and recessional were in English). The Mass setting was Missa Cum Jublio.



Congraduations and God bless all the confirmandi. Amen.

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