Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What the Fish Eaters said

Fish Eaters reviews of my blog “Traditional Catholic Blog”

Love Alabama: "This is an interesting trad blog."

WSXYZ: "That guy has a serious hangup about his desired future wife being a "patriotic citizen of the USA". He's got a picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus where the Sacred Heart is replaced with an American flag. May God have mercy on his soul."

WhollyRoaminCatholic: That is not a Traditional Catholic blog. It's the blog of a guy who has hangups and fancies himself a traditional Catholic [Surpressed]

Bakuryoskuso: "my priest was saying tonight: God comes first, country second"

Scipio_a: Reply to WSXYZ: "Rather yours one might suspect. He has no hang ups, He knows exactly what he is looking for....a GOOD Catholic wife who is also a trad...."
Reply to WhollyRoaminCatholic: "Under what criteria? He goes to the TLM and recognizes it's superiority......even has a vid of one of the three good SSPX bishops."

Crusader Philly: "Pray to the B.V.M. that he finds a truly Catholic spouse to raise a family with him and be his partner in getting himself and their eventual children to Heaven."

Melita: "God obviously comes before country - so does the Church, though in a well functioning society there shouldn't be much difference between the two."

James02: "There is nothing wrong with being patriotic and loving your country. But he should not alter pictures of our Lord. That is sacrilege. He needs to get rid of that image  [Surpressed]."

MaidenofGod: "does writing a blog to find a trad wife seem a bit....desperate..? maybe it's just me ?"

JayneK: "I think it's a good idea. If I were looking for a man (instead of already married to the best husband in the world ) that would appeal to me."

SouthpawLink: "Agreed 100%. It sounds like an inordinate kind of patriotism, especially considering how America is no friend to Our Divine Saviour (e.g., abortion, separation of Church and State, gay marriage, etc.). Of course, there are also many good things to love about America.... Candyland is an inside joke here on the forum. It refers to allegedly hardcore trads, who adhere to rigid moral standards, such that most of the pleasures/leisures of this world are viewed as being sinful (or at least generally inappropriate). I say this without any sense of condemnation (and hopefully I've described it accurately)."

Dymphna17: "He must have read these posts. I didn't see a picture of the Sacred Heart with the flag on it. My only other comment is; should he be looking for a wife if he can't even find a ride to Mass?"

WSXYZ: Reply to Dymphna17: While I find his view on patriotism extreme, I wish the guy the best. If I was in Massachusetts, I'd give him a ride to Mass.

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