Thursday, May 12, 2011

First Communion (Tridentine vs. Novus Ordo)

Last Sunday my parish held First Holy Communion for three children (2 girls and a boy). It was a beautiful ceremony, which included the May Coronation after Mass in the Marian garden. The girls were dressed in beautiful white dresses that I would like to have a mature girl in her 20's wear one to church for keeps! Since I do not capture the moments of parish life at my parish, I do not have any photos to share.

But, after looking on YouTube under the query "First Communion", you find some nice and disturbing versions of how our Lord Jesus Christ [according to these lesbian women teachers should be] is received.

First of all, the video to the left is a parochial school First Communion class from 1949, with about, let's say, 100 students? Notice that the Mother Superior is watching every move, and if the kids screwed up, they would have got 30 lashings (legal in those days).

Second of all, here is a photo from St. Thomas Becket (SSPX) Chapel in Veneta, Oregon, from 2008 (screenshot from YouTube). You may watch the actual video here, which includes excerpts of the Mass and Benediction held afterward. It also shows the kids getting enrolled in the Brown Scapular.

Notice the girl on the front right is wearing gloves and a full mantilla. My successful bride would wear this outfit minus the gloves (so the rings will be put on the left ring finger).

Now, for the disturbing part.

The following photographs are screenshots from a YouTube video that took place in St. Mary's Parish in Georgetown, MA (in the Archdiocese), about 45 minutes north of Boston. Clearly, this is a Novus Ordo snack in a pagan hall:

The kids singing a "praise and worship" song at the end of Mass.

A female atlar server walking in front of the teacher.

Now, the excuse for not having any photos of the communal meal:
There you go! This pastor did want to cover up any liturgical  (or maybe even sexual) abuses that may have taken place during the ceremony. Now, it even gets worse:

 These photographic screenshots from other YouTube videos clearly show that 70%, or even fewer "Catholics" that don't believe in that big word tran·sub·stan·ti·a·tion. More importantly, if our kids don't believe in it, then what is to pass to our grandkids?

Also, they do not believe that Jesus Christ is really present inside all tabernacles in the world. They believe that the wafer is just a wafer. Or a cookie is just a cookie that reminds them of that "Godguy".

It just comes to show, that these photos depict women giving out the wine to the little kids! This is an abuse in itself, only the blood can be received by the celebrant. Also, only the anointed hands of a priest can touch the sacred vessels. As you can see, these are irregular-shaped communion cups that do not look like a chalice. Now if there is alcohol in them, please call the police.

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