Saturday, April 16, 2011

Palm Sunday

This week is Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week, the second week of Passiontide. Here, we will receive olive branches, called palms, from the priest at the altar rail and walk around the neighborhood in procession after the Gospel. Once we enter the church again, the three sacred ministers will change from their red vestments (or gold if there are no red ones) to violet vestments, where the Mass begins with the Introit. The Passion according to St. Matthew will then be sung by three lectors. That takes about an hour all by itself. There is no Last Gospel.

Sadly, these ceremonies will not take place in the majority of houses of worship who call themselves "Roman Catholic." Instead, they will let laypeople touch the unblessed palms before the mess begins, if they are even palms at all. Many times, as at my ex-parish, marijuana is subsituted! [I can't believe it.] This shows the sacrilige of these heathen places, which need to adopt the Tridentine Mass and way of thinking. Good thing I got out of that parish, or I would have got caught with possession of more than an ounce, which is a criminal offense in Massachusetts.

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