Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fooling around at the Chrism Mass

News that I have been hearing and seeing recently from the cathedral for the yearly priestly party mass is quite disturbing. First of all, they usually have the Mass on a Tuesday (indult?), it was supposed to be Maundy Thursday morning. Second of all, everyone was having fun. Here are some screenshots:

Get ready to party! 

There are no womens' head coverings here. And notice that they are looking at the g&nati@ls of the...
Now I don't understand, why is the archdeacon holding the book up front before the attending deacons and priests, and not near the bishop?
My seminarian friend (far left) is learning the Extraordinary Form, so I feel bad why there is a woman two columns before him? Why did they make him go? I thought only a baptized male can receive Holy Orders?

An attending deacon with a cream colored alb. Albs are supposed to be fancy white or silver things with a lot of lace and trim. I can tell you he is not wearing a dalmatic. There are supposed to be seven subdeacons with maniples and tunicles at the Chrism Mass.

Priests shaking hands with the congregation. And where are the birettas? This is not a social hour, guys.

My ex-parish priest

Now look at the clown concelebration chasubles, plus the stoles are worn improperly. This priest is having ball while he is supposed to be wearing a biretta, looking straight, with his hands folded. There are supposed to be 12 concelebrating priests at the Chrism Mass, each representing an apostle of Jesus Christ.

Even the bishop is having fun!!!

There are no prayers at the foot of this freestanding table facing the people (left), who are gossiping while the Mass is going on.

Bishop "I can't find a priest who can celebrate the Latin Mass" McManus incensing the table of the Lord. At least he is wearing the vestments of John Joseph Cardinal Wright, the 1st Bishop of Worcester, later Bishop of Pittsburgh and Prefect of the Sacred Congregation of Rites. They wear these every Chrism Mass.

Fr. Frank chit-chatting with a fellow jubilian while the bishop is talking. What happened to the vow of obedience?

Notice the cathedral tabernacle is on a small shrine to the side anf there is no tabernacle on the main high altar.

The year is 1986. Welcome to Assisi.

The girl I had a crush on, Katherine, and her fiance. He needs a haircut, and they have no business touching the chrism!

The Novus Ordo Cookie

St. Paul's Woodstock '11 sign of love and peace

More importantly, on the Office of Worship Extraordinary Form page...

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