Monday, March 28, 2011

What is going on here?

On March 21st, I received a letter from H.E. The Most Rev. Robert J. McManus, Bishop of Worcester, asking to donate toward the annual Partners in Charity fundraiser. I have received letters the previous two years because I donated something to that the previous two years. This year I am not opening my checkbook toward them.

The steps toward the priesthood: tonsure, porter,
lector, exorcist, acylote, subdeacon, deacon, and priest.
(Don't forget the bishop, archbishop, cardinal, and pope!) 

The letter came with a booklet with "success stories" of beneficinaries of this appeal. They also list on page 6 the 29 agencies that are offered via the diocese, which they are divided into three appropriate categories: Charity, Education, and Ministry.

Under "Education" includes, but not limited to: Campus Ministry, Office of Religious Ed., Priestly continuing ed., Youth Ministry, and Catholic Schools scholarships.

First of all, campus ministry is impossible at non-Catholic colleges, albeit they know what Catholicism really is if they go to the library or a current events class to hear the words: "religious liberty in the Middle East", "Pope Benedict XVI", "extraordinary form", "Motu proprio", "Latin Mass", and so forth. Second of all, most Catholic (College) students do not attend Mass at all, nor the academic insitution no longer requires the students to attend Sunday Mass. More shamefully, professors at Jesuit Ivys such as Notre Dame, Boston College, and Holy Cross are no longer required to take the Oath Against Modernism at the begining of the fall semester. Some even have other religions hosting services of their own!

Secondly, the Office of Religious Ed. is not even necessary since there are already parochial schools. But wait a minute! You don't have to go to a school that prays every hour! You can go to a preppy school run by WASPs or a public school where they don't punish repeat offenders of the American Flag anymore. Enough with that.

Teritary, priests, like any other skilled profession, are required to have so many CE credits each year. In 2010, most priests in the Anglosphere were learning how to say mass in English according to the Novus Ordo again, because it was retranslated. Retranslated? Yes. They want people to say "and with thy spirit". That's fine, but why teaching priests how to say a mass this is invalid? Why not send them to the Latin Mass classes?

You see, ladies and gentlemen, that Worcester is falling apart in terms of catholicity. Recently, Bishop McManus has suspended accepting new candidates for the diaconate program because there aren't enough placements?

In the Catholic Free Press front page article "Diocese suspends diaconate for new candidates" by Tanya Connor on March 18, 2011, Deacon Anthony R. Surozenski said:

"We don't know what the diocese is going to look like and what the needs are going to be...Parishes are merging, some parishes are closing, new parishes may be evolving. We have to take a look at the big picture for ministry service for deacons. (par.) If all goes well, there should be 135 active priests by the year 2015 and there should be 98 deacons."
Something isn't adding up here. If there are about 120 parishes (provided no more close) and each has one priest, there will be 15 working at the chancery. That means that there will be 37 diaconal openings since each parish generally should have a deacon. Now another piece of the article:
"It has been traditional that the pastor requests a deacon," he said, raising another issue. "If the request is not there, it would be difficult to put someone there." Some priests don't want, or see a need for, a deacon, he said.
STOP! That is heresy. The Roman Rite is supposed to said solemnly with a priest, deacon, and subdeacon, according to Fr. O'Connell. All masses in the early church were said with a priest, a priest who vested as a deacon, and another priest who vested as a subdeacon. There you have a Solemn High Mass. The permanent diaconate being restored after Vatican II was only one of the smartest things Paul VI did (the other being Humane Vitae). The more deacons on staff with per se a priest short, the chances of a Solemn High Mass on Sunday are glorious.

Also, it is not the pastor who decides if the parish is to have a deacon on staff. The bishop is in charge of all clerical appointments.

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