Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all who are of Irish decent! I am not Irish, so I do not apply for a dispensation to eat corned beef and cabbage, since March 17th falls during Lent all the time.

The heredoxical calendar of my ex-parish for this month.
No where on this calendar shows times for Mass, Rosary,
Stations of the Cross, Benediction, Confession, etc., etc., etc...

I hope that this week will be a lucky one, since I may be lucky enough to find my Catholic wife. But she most likely will not be irish because they claim to be "Catholic" but do not attend [the Latin] Mass. I'm not being racist, but that is the fact. Regardless of what you are, if you do not attend the Latin Mass (or an Eastern Rite Mass), you're not Catholic! It's that simple.

Now for my ex-parish, they had a special mass this morning for St. Patrick's Day for the AOH club, the group that "requires Catholic" members and does not observe Lent or meatless Fridays. What such favortism, that non-members could not go?

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