Saturday, January 15, 2011

She did not deserve a Catholic funeral

The other day I came across this photo the Telegram & Gazette website:

Here you can clearly see thirteen girls praying in the pews of a Catholic church that is very unorthodox. As you can see, not one of these girls has a head covering of some sort. The reason is because they are at the Novus Ordo anniversary mass of the beloved philantrophist Britney Gengel.

One year ago this week, she was killed on impact when the Earthquake struck Port-au-Prince, Haiti. This is very sad. It took the State Dept. over a month to recover her body; she being the last one from the group from Lynn University during Christmas break.

I am not writing this to say that she was a bad girl, because I never met the girl. I am writing this because I don't understand that everyone thinks (@ her parish, my ex) that she went to heaven already. The truth is that we don't know where she is going, but she is in purgatory. Until she performs 2 miracles, she is not a saint. As Fr. Taurasi says, people do not get "instant canonization." Until then she is just a soul in purgatory. We must pray for her the repose of her soul so that she will be saved. This is Catholic teaching.

As for the girls in the photo, they would not be allowed into my parish without a head covering. This is gross. Women do not go to church before the Blessed Sacrament without modesty.

Also, the news article said they had a special mass just for her anniversary. This is total favortism over a girl whom I never saw in church when I went to that parish. That is why she would have not got a Catholic funeral at a Tridentine parish. 

The main reason I got out of SJ's not because of the national attention of this humanitarian, but for the unorthodoxy that is preached there. My friend, who is in his 70's, spent thousands of hi$ hard earned $ to restore the high altar and it is not being used. This building is on the National Register of Historic Places so the altar would have to come back some how.

But why is it not being used?

The reason is greed, pride, sloth, lust, envy, anger, and wrath.

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