Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Please date me...Please!

I know how extremely difficult it is to find a Catholic wife. It is not easy at all. It is the most difficult thing I am doing right now, besides trying to find a job and new home. Those are really tough as well.

However, it is for certain that I don't have any Thanksgiving plans, nor I will be with anyone that day. The same might hold true for Christmas. Nobody in my family is an advocate for traditional Catholicism, which is 100% sad.

Therefore, I'm asking that I find someone to spend Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Sunday Mass with up in Massachusetts. If you are a girl who wishes or currently attends the Tridentine Mass, who salutes the American flag, who is between 18-22, who is being called to the Sacrament of Marriage, who has a lovable name, and who wishes to be or is an architect, interior designer, artist, etc.; or a schoolteacher, please email an introductary message with an acurate photograph, and upon my review, I will get back to you.

This would be the Christmas present of my dreams!

God Bless,


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