Sunday, October 3, 2010

It is very difficult to find a Catholic wife

After attending a Mass at a different parish today, hoping for the stroke of some luck that I may obtain my Catholic wife, I have thought about something, and I'll bring this up right now. It is very difficult to find an orthodox Roman Catholic wife who rejects the liturgical teachings of Vatican II. It is even more difficult in the United States of America.

Why? Because America has every religion on the planet, and Catholics only account for 23% of the population. To make matters worse, only 23% of them attend Sunday Mass, and <15% of them are traditionalists. Catholicism is scarce in the USA, and is only aided by immigration.

My requirements and morals, because I was born in this country, I have an obligation to marry a U.S. Citizen, who does the same acts of patriotism as me: displaying the flag, voting, jury duty, tax payments, saluting the flag (hand over heart) for pledge, anthem, taps, flagpole, etc. If my [future] wife does not do so, then our children will not have any American Values.

The same holds true for Catholicism. If my [future] wife and I do not attend Mass, pray daily, choose life, etc., then chances are our children will not follow suit.

In order to live an as a "Catholic-American", you have to both be a pious patriot and person of faith. In addition to pledging allegiance to one country, you have to pledge allegiance to the Holy See. You must display the both flags in your home, school, parish, or office. You also must pray to St. Michael to combat illegal immigration, homesexuality, and abortion.

Nowerdays, 70% of American Catholics do not believe in transubstaination. 78% ignore Sunday Mass. Almost 90% of Catholics under age 30 do not accept the Church's teaching on premarital sex and contraception. The 10% who do believe attend the Tridentine Mass; the rest attend the Novus Ordo, which is not an authentically Catholic mass.

Therefore, in order to restore the diginty of the US and Vatican Flags, we must send our children to parochial schools who offer only the Tridentine Mass, salute the flag and pray daily, and teach faith, morals, and dogma, not reason and relativity.

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