Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer CCD

I was performing an internet search under "CCD classes", and found this photo [left]. It is showing three girls in summertime dress in front of a limousine. I have to ask this: "Why are they riding in a limo to CCD class? Was this taken at a field trip? Was this Catholic-related?" Well, to take an educated guess, I don't believe that these girls, under the sponsorship of the parish CCD program, are actually attending a religious service in this photo. It looks like Hollywood to me!

I also found this photo with a bunch of kids in a church in hot weather country. As you can see, Jesus Christ is not present in this church. Nor there is a glorified Altar of God in this modern building, either. I don't know what these kids did, but it is clearly (or unclearly, if you have better distance vision) evident that there is no altar rail. Communion in this parish, like in all Novus Ordo parishes, is distrubuted in the hand. And the "altar" itself, it is a wooden table, the same heretical idea that Cramner and Calvin thought of, to have the Lord's Supper at the Table of the Lord instead of the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at the altar.

Now I did a search called "catechism". The search came out very broad, with images from many different demonimations. Some were Lutheran, Episcopalian, but the most popular image was the cover of the 1994 book The Catechism of the Catholic Church. This book has been used in lieu of the Baltimore Catechism ever since it was published. Now, when it typed in "Catholic catechism", both new and old catechism came about.
Let me caution you that school starts shortly, and if your children are taking any Catechism classes, either as part of the parish program after school or in a parochial school, make sure they are not learning any heretical and demonic material. The link above from a diocesan youth ministry website shows that they played volleyball instead of learning Catholic dogma.

Now these traditional children [right], are learning the basic tenets of the " Holy Catholic and Apostolic church...". They believe that Jesus Christ is present during Mass, and they believe in life, death, heaven, hell, purgatory, and final judgement. They also believe in transubstantiation. These kids have to memorize this word for a quiz in order to receive both their First Holy Communion and their Confirmation.
So now, who is right?

The traditionalists. Not the modernists. Kids today have to learn how to live by the teachings of the Eucharist that were codified during Session 22 of the Council of Trent. They have to realize that they are recieving the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. They are participating humbly before the Lord in his Sacrifice of Calvary, not feeding the hungry.

People who teach that Catholicism is about outreach, social justice, and political correctness are false prophets. They are heretics. They should not be catechism teachers. It is that simple.

Jesus Christ is not present during the Novus Ordo, because the theology on the Novus Ordo liturgy is far different than the traditional Roman Calendar. There are also people who believe that the Catholic Church is still, to this day, even with the Vatican II "changes", "outdated." Well, think again.

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