Thursday, August 12, 2010

Marry me Traditional Catholic girl!!! Please marry me!!!

I held this sign up at Elm Park, Worcester, from about Noon to 2PM on Wednesday August 11th. If you saw the sign, and are interested, please email me. If you saw the sign by viewing this blog, and if you believe you meet the criteria, please email me with a picture and introduce yourself. Thanks and God bless you!
Well, if only one-third of the Catholic population is attending mass, then how many are attending Tridentine Masses? The answer is simple: not very many of them.

How many of them believe in TRANSUBSTANSANATION? 33%.

That's right only one-third.

How many believe in the Worcester Diocese (not including Bishop McManus, Msgr Tinsley, Msgr Moroney, and Msgr Johnson, Fr Phillipson, and Fr Becker,  quid volo)?

Well, I still live in the Worcester diocesan boundaries, but attend Mass in the Archdiocese of Boston, so if you don't count me, and count the folks who flock to the St. Benedict Center in Still River, I would say, out of a Catholic population of 300,000, and out of the 3 places that offer the Traditional Mass every Sunday, I could say about...

Only 150 people!!!

Where are the nuns when the Holy Mother Church needs them? Where art thou Mother Superior?
Attend this Mass and you can go to heaven.
Attend this Mass and you'll be assurred that you'll spend an aweful long time in purgatory.

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