Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Date is due by Thursday at 12 Noon

If you wish to come to Mass with me this Sunday, Aug 22nd, then you will have email me with your picture by THIS THURSDAY, Aug 19th, at or around 12PM. We'll go have coffee on Friday or Saturday before me go to mass on Sunday. Reminder the Mass is in Newton, I live in Worcester, Mass starts at 10:30 AM, and I need a ride.

Some more heresy from my ex-parish

  1. This snippet from the web shows that my ex-parish wasted 13 Sundays after Pentecost to orgainize a volleyball team, which competed with neigbooring Novus Ordo parishes, and won the championship. Well, a championship ring is nice, but these kids have never heard of Summorum Pontificam, which only came out in 2007. Holy Father, please only allow orthodox parishes to have sports teams. John Paul isn't around to root for them anymore. Amen.
  2. The chief organizer of this and other juvenile activities is a young woman who was hired for the summer to promote heresy. Somebody check her baptismal record?
  3. The free meal for the poor serves meat on Fridays and during Lent, Rogation, and Ember days, which is a mortal sin.
  4. I wish my ex-parish look like this inside. It bears the same name.
  5. This Blessed would not please such irreverent behavior.

I wish every mass had this!

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