Monday, November 26, 2018

RIP Bishop Robert Morlino, the "Extraordinary Ordinary" of Madison, Wisconsin

I am saddened to learn, via The Remnant, of the passing of His Excellency, the Most Reverend Robert C. Morlino, Bishop of Madison, Wisconsin on Saturday morning, November 24, 2018 at St. Mary's Hospital. He had been recently hospitalized for a heart attack. He was 71 years old. 

Bishop Morlino, nicknamed the "Extraordinary Ordinary" by Fr. Z for his frequent celebrations of Pontifical High Masses in his diocese, was the best sitting ordinary at the time of his death. 

After the release of the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report this past August, Bishop Morlino called the ongoing Clergy Sex Abuse Scandal for what it really is: "a homosexual problem." 

Please pray for the repose of this good bishop's soul, and for the Faithful clergy and laity of the Diocese of Madison, Wisconsin for their comfort after the loss of their shepherd. 

Prayer for a Deceased Bishop

O LORD, we pray Thee that the soul of Thy servant Bishop Robert Morlino, which Thou hast taken from the toilsome conflict of this world, may have fellowship among Thy saints. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen. 

Requiem aeternam dona ei Domine. Et lux perpetua luceat ei. 
Requesicat in Pace. Amen. 

Anima ejus et anima omnium fidelium defunctorum per misericordia Dei requesicant in pace. Amen. 

Friday, September 7, 2018

Why State Rep. Jim Lyons should've primaried the Governor (and why you must vote GOP REGARDLESS)

Both Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker (R) and his general election challenger Jay Gonzalez (D) may be legally members of different political parties, but they are essentially two peas in the same pod when it comes to 90% of their policy positions: trashing Trump, supporting abortion on demand, LGBTQXYZ, men in the ladies room, abolishing ICE, gun confiscation,  no curbing EBT abuse, etc., etc., etc. 

With all the scandals in the Baker Administration, Speedy Gonzalez will in all likelihood be receiving the Butler Bible, the Oak Gavel, the Pewter Key to the State House, and a copy of the M.G.L. on January 3, 2019, unless he says something stupid. He will institute single-payer healthcare if House Speaker Bob DeLeo wants it, which will mean you'll be paying more taxes and won't have much say in your plan of care. Politicians, not doctors and nurses, will determine if you get treatment or not. 

The fact that Dr. Scott Lively got about 87,000 votes in the Sept. 4th GOP primary (36%) shows that Baker is in trouble, despite being an Evangelical pastor who basically ran the campaign with chump change from his living room. Even if he did pull-off the greatest upset, he would've virtually had no chance against Gonzalez or tree hugger Bob Massie. 

Yes, 55% of Massachusetts voters are "unenrolled" (independent), 33% Democrat and 10% Republican, but even within the corrupt MassGOP and the few remaining old-timer moderate Democrats still alive, they would not vote for a Bible-thumper. 

Since Massachusetts is all about identity politics (both within and outside the government), the only type of social conservative Bay State voters would consider is a Catholic. There are no more old-school conservative Democrats left except for Ray Flynn and a few other old-timers, so that party is no longer an option if you believe in decency. 

The only person who would've defeated Baker last Tuesday and would've had the best slam dunk in November is State Representative Jim Lyons (R-Andover). 

Lyons is the most conservative lawmaker on Beacon Hill, and despite having serious disagreements with many of his State House colleagues, he reportedly does get along with them. He and his wife Bernadette are actively involved in the Pro-Life Movement; she is a sidewalk counselor. They are practicing Catholics, and many of the old-timer Catholic Democrats who're still alive (or anyone who doesn't want men in the ladies room) would've crossed over to vote for Jim Lyons for Governor, easily. 

Risking his state rep. seat turning blue in the bluest of blue states would've been a huge loss in the Legislature, but having a true conservative who's always lived in Mass. and knows the state and system better in the Corner Office than somebody who's globetrotted most of his life. Dr. Lively is very articulate and had to do things the hard way after being raised by a deadbeat dad, but since he hasn't lived in Mass. most of his adult life, which is a big deal when you run for office in a particular place. 

Another chief reason why Lively lost is because he said in his literature he supported President Trump, although he's to right of him. Jim Lyons is a never-Trumper, from the right, which would fit-in here in Massachusetts, where you're persona non grata if you are a hand-over-heart American, never mind supporting the President partially. (Gov. Baker thinks it's okay to put your hand on your crotch during the National Anthem.) 

On the other hand, Geoff Diehl, who supports the Trump Wall, is a heavy underdog trying to unseat Senator Elizabeth Warren. With Shiva Ayyadurai (another Trumper) running as an independent, he could split the vote with Diehl. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

2018 Mass. Primary Election Results (Highlights from Key Races)

U.S. Senate 

State Rep. Geoff Diehl defeated John Kingston and Beth Lindstrom for the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate. He is the best candidate having a shot at defeating Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren. 


RINO Incumbent Charlie Baker has been declared the winner over Evangelical Pastor Scott Lively in the GOP Primary. 

Former Celticare CEO Jay Gonzalez  defeated tree hugger and Episcopalian priest Bob Massie for the Democratic Party nomination for Governor. 

Lt. Governor

Former Obama Admin. official Quentin Palfrey defeated comedian Jimmy Tingle for the Democratic Party nomination for Lieutenant Governor. He will run on the ticket with Jay Gonzalez. 

Secretary of State

Longtime incumbent Bill Galvin defeated challenger Josh Zakim in the Democratic primary. Secretary Galvin will face Republican Anthony Amore and Green Partier Juan Sanchez in November. 

Attorney General

Jay McMahon won the GOP primary over Dan Shores to face incumbent Democrat Maura Healey. 

Congress D2 (Worcester, most of Central MA to Amherst)

Tracy Lovvorn  defeated Kevin Powers in the GOP primary for the MA 2nd Congressional District. She will face 11-term incumbent Congressman Jim McGovern, who wants to melt ICE, this November.

Congress D3 (Merrimack Valley to N. Worc. County)

Too close to call in the 10-way Democratic Primary between Lori Trahan and Dan Koh; winner faces Republican Rick Green and Independent Mike Mullen in November. 

Congress D5 (Gerrymandered Metrowest, N. of Boston)

John Hugo defeated Louis Kuchnir in the GOP primary and will face whiny feminist Congresswoman Katherine Clark in November. 

Congress D7 (Most of Boston)

Boston City Councilor Ayanna Pressley  defeated 10-term incumbent Congressman Mike Capuano to win the Congressional seat representing the most of Boston's inner-city. Since there is no Republican challenger in November, this seat is an automatic victory. 

Full Analysis to follow...

Monday, August 27, 2018

Monday, August 20, 2018

Internal Church investigations won't solve the problem; civil, diplomatic, and criminal actions will

Today is the 700th day since the Dubia Brothers (Cardinals Burke, Brandmuller, Cafarra [RIP], and Meisner [RIP]) issued their doubts about Chapter 8 of Amoris Laetitia, which authorizes divorced and civilly-remarried Catholics to receive the Sacraments. There has been no response thus far from the Holy Father, but an Academic Correction signed by hundreds of priests and faithful Catholic academics, with only two Successors of the Apostles as signatories: Bishop Bernard Fellay, SSPX (Superior General, 1994-2018) and Bishop Rene Henry Gracida, Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas (Ordinary, 1983-97). 

At 95 years young, Bishop Gracida's experience, wisdom, and alertness of 21st century technological literacy are vital assets during these dark days. Based on the shadiness the Vatican has been up to, most especially the exposure of the Clergy Sex Abuse Scandal as worse than thought, His Excellency is right to point out that Benedict XVI was likely (with almost now certainty) forced out by the St. Gallen Mafia, and that Jorge Bergoglio is really an anti-Pope. 

The Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report released on August 14, 2018 by Attorney General Josh Shapiro is only the start. Despite being an elected Democrat and has likely political positions against the Church, I applaud AG Shapiro for doing his job. Contrast this to the current Massachusetts AG, who puts her lesbianism above law enforcement, and would never impanel a grand jury to further investigate the Catholic dioceses of the Commonwealth (et. al.). Maura Healey is in cahoots with Cardinal O'Malley to make sure illegals can stay in the United States, and more in particular, in Massachusetts. 

O'Malley cancelled his trip to Ireland last week and pledged more changes in a letter read from the pulpit at yesterday's Masses. Big deal. Cardinal Law was originally appointed Archbishop of Boston in 1984 to clean-up the homosexual predator priest mess that peaked in the 1960's and '70's, but he flubbed and was ran out of town. Cardinal Cushing knowingly ordained gay priests in the 1940's! As it turns out, since Massachusetts is pretty much ground zero for anything decent, as an actual, faithful Catholic, I can actually place the blame on the Archdiocese of Boston for trickling-down public policies like gay marriage, free birth control, not opposing abortion effectively, and men in the ladies room just to name a few! 

This Grand Jury Report exposing Donald Cardinal Wuerl of his suspected misdeeds from his time in Pittsburgh has triggered the Attorneys General of New York, Florida, and Maryland to start investigations, and the U.S. Department of Justice will very likely start investigating any violations of RICO statues. 

At least Bishop Robert Morlino of Madison, Wisconsin called this sin crying for vengeance for the cause of this problem in a letter published for yesterday's Masses. He promises to punish all offenders in his diocese and will offer Masses of Reparation throughout September, including mandatory fasting and abstinence on the Autumn Ember Days. Bishop Morlino is currently the sitting U.S. prelate who says Pontifical Masses (both high and low) the most often. (Cardinal Burke left St. Louis in 2008 to be prefect of the Apostolic Signatura [Vatican Supreme Court for non-matrimonial matters] and was removed shortly after Francis came on the scene. He believes that the 1983 Code of Canon Law isn't strong enough to protect from sexual abuse, compared to the old 1917 edition.) 

This morning's apology by the Holy Father is solely unacceptable. While he appointed Maltese Archbishop Charles Scicluna to investigate these matters like he recently did so in Chile, it's likely more of a defensive move of the indefensible. Nothing is really going to change unless the following happens:

  • Continued ongoing criminal prosecutions of clergy
  • Recall Mrs. Gingrich as Ambassador and (at least on a temporary basis) end U.S. diplomatic relations with the Vatican City State. 
  • Cut all Federal funding for Catholic Charities (and related organizations with ties to the Church) to end the "refugee" resettlement contracts. 
  • Threaten the tax-exempt status of the Church (Federal, state, county, and municipal)
  • Use Special Forces (including partnering with the Italian Gov't and anyone else willing to participate) to arrest Jorge Bergoglio and anyone else directly involved.
  • If Benedict XVI is still alive, he should be considered the Canonically-elected Pope until his death.
  • Have the faithful Cardinals meet in a monitored conclave to elect a legitimate Successor of Saint Peter. 
  • Hold this new Pontiff accountable by using public pressure of any means to make sure that he only appoints priests from Traditionalist orders (including the SSPX) to major archdioceses (most especially in the United States). 
  • Require the strict use of the 1962 Missale Romanum and the unreformed Sacraments as conducted universally before the Vatican II disaster. 

Clearly there will be organizational changes within the universal Catholic Church within the next few years. There's no easy fix. There are many suggestions surfacing, but ultimately they will not be well received unless the next Pope is doctrinally and liturgically faithful to Sacred Tradition. The requirement of the Tridentine Mass, although necessary, will only be the beginning of restoration of the institutionalized Church, albeit initially smaller than even today. Such requirement will either force the pro-aborts and pro-sodomites to either repent or permanently leave the purified Church, which is indeed a good thing. Why do you think the Mass was the first thing to be trashed? 

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Statement on Bergoglio's revision of JP2's "Catechism of the Catholic Church" to oppose death penalty

Yesterday, Frankenpope revised the section on the death penalty to say it's "inadmissible." 

I will never comply. 

I'm a Catholic who, by default, is holier than any prelate who doesn't say the Tridentine Mass full time. 

I'm a Catholic who proudly supports the death penalty for murderers, even those who kill embryos in the womb. 

Popes do not have the authority to change Church Teaching, period. 

As long as Benedict XVI is still alive, he must be considered the Canonically-elected Pontiff. 

It's very sad the Vatican City State has become a Communist organization.

UPDATE 8/7/2018: 

Sermon by The Remnant Priest, 11th Sunday after Pentecost, August 5, A.D. 2018: