Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Repeal the 17th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

Last night's very close upset win by Democrat Doug Jones over favorite Judge Roy Moore  in the special election for U.S. Senator from Alabama was manufactured by Mitch McConnell and his Establishment minions. Since Moore is a constitutionalist, a Christian, etc., he is not allowed to sit as a Republican in the United States Senate, according to Majority Leader McConnell. 

The accusations of sexual abuse and underage dating (which were not really abuse and totally normal in Southern folklore over 40 years ago) were manufactured, conveniently, when the ballot finalized by law. The yearbook signature was forged. 

Doug Jones didn't win, Mitch McConnell did. He's willing to risk the GOP majority (now 51-49) to the party that has an anti-God, anti-American, and anti-life agenda. If they win the Senate back next fall they'll make Federal Law the right for men to use the ladies room (which I think Mitch would be okay with?), open borders, and Medicare paying for sex-change operations. 

Since the other Senators aren't from Alabama, they had no business interfering in that state's election. The Washington Post had no business spreading lies that couldn't be proven in such short timeframe. 

It's time for the 17th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to be repealed, and the election of United States Senators given back to the authorities that the Founding Fathers granted this task: the state legislatures. At least the Republican Alabama Legislature could've found someone else who has no dirt just like Judge Moore (if you alone consider defending the Ten Commandments as dirt). 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Bad news and Good News

I. Good News: President Trump declares Jerusalem the Capital of Israel, will move U.S. Embassy there (anti-Semites hate this). 

II. Bad News: Signature Drive to Stop Taxpayer Funded Abortion Fails

Thanks to the pro-choice "Catholic" bishops of Massachusetts, the signature drive for a Constitutional Amendment that would've put the decision to fund abortions with your tax dollars in the hands of the Legislature, failed by about 7,000 signatures. Cardinal O'Malley of Boston and Bishop McManus of Worcester did modify their signature bans from church property, but it was too late. Organizer Attorney Tom Harvey plans to try again in 2019.  (New Boston Post

III. Good News: Pastor Scott Lively to primary Gov. Charlie Baker!

Evangelical Pastor and Constitutional lawyer Scott Lively will seek the GOP nomination against RINO incumbent Gov. Charlie Baker. In 2014, Pastor Lively ran as an independent and got about 1% of the vote. He actually upholds the real Catholic Social Teachings and isn't a Catholic. The Springfield resident is truly conservative, something Chicken Charlie and Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito (someone who should be excommunicated from the Catholic Church) isn't. Pray that he will actually make the primary ballot and that the MassGOP doesn't pull the shenanigans on what they did to Mark Fisher last time around! (Read the interview with the New Boston Post here

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

"Sleazy Stan" to take a month's vacation from Mass. Senate Presidency; Dems. don't deserve control next year

“If you really think about the decision-making of a 60-year-old man who is having a relationship with a 19-year-old, you really have to question his decision-making prowess to begin with. So I think that we have a Senate president who is unable to make decisions as it relates to his husband.”

-State Rep. Jim Lyons (R-Andover), on WRKO's The Kuhner Report, Dec. 4, 2017

Massachusetts Senate President Stan Rosenberg (D-Amherst) has decided to take a four month leave of absence pending the investigation of the homosexual abuse by his husband (who's young enough to be his grandson) Bryon Hefner. Apparently, it was Mr. Hefner who was influencing the most left-wing radical legislative agenda in Massachusetts history ever, including the Bathroom Bill, the obscene and unconstitutional pay raises for legislators, the graduated income tax amendment that will be on the 2018 ballot, sanctuary cities/state, and the ongoing fake criminal justice omnibus that tries 18 year-olds as juveniles and legalizes sex with 12-year-olds. 

As the head of the upper chamber of the (once) Great and General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Senator Rosenberg is solely responsible for any bill that reaches the Senate floor. He also holds the gavel in all joint sessions of the Legislature (including those to approve proposals for Constitutional Amendments).

During his vacation, Majority Leader Harriette Chandler (D-Worcester), 83, will be President Pro Tempore. (This is no surprise since she's #2 anyway.) It is Mrs. Chandler who spearheaded the recent legislation allowing over-the-counter birth control pills signed by Gov. Baker, which now resulted in a vending machine with the Pill at Brandeis University, sponsored by a $5000 grant from Planned Parenthood. She also takes the long drive to the State House on purpose to get an extra $5000 travel expense (which also violates the state constitution). 

Sleazy Stan's scandal clearly shows that the Democrats, who've held total control of the state legislature since 1958 (aka more wholesome times), don't deserve the majority at the 2018 elections! 

Ideally, Senator Rosenberg should resign from the Senate altogether immediately, but apparently he needs to collect his salary. In event he doesn't seek re-election, his seat will most likely be filled by another ultra-liberal Democrat because it's the Amherst area, and the U.Mass people will vote for someone who wants free college. But for most of the state every other State Senator must be put on notice! 

There are 40 state senators because originally, at the time of the American Revolution, Massachusetts was only divided into 4o municipalities (versus 351 today), and originally the State Senators were elected by the Boards of Selectmen in each town, not by popular vote. Eventually when new towns were incorporated the senatorial districts included multiple towns, where the selectmen from the towns within the district elected the State Senators to Beacon Hill. (Like the U.S. Senate originally represented the state capitols.) Eventually with the erection of more towns popular elections of State Senators were instituted in the 1820's from drawn districts based on equal population. Today, with a population of about 7 million, Massachusetts State Senators represent approximately 175,000 people. 

If you want run for the Massachusetts State Senate next year, papers may be taken out next month from the Secretary of State's office. Legally you must be a U.S. citizen, 18 years old, and resided in Massachusetts for 5 years prior to your election. If you want to try to overturn the longstanding Democrat majority, 2018 is the year to do it! 

To close, apparently this is the moonbats' national anthem:

UPDATE 12/6/2017: Republican Dean Tran won the open State Senate seat in the Leominster/Fitchburg area yesterday in a special election. His victory now gives the GOP 7 seats out of 40. 

Friday, December 1, 2017

Plan to attend Mass two consecutive days this Christmas

There are 24 days until Christmas. This year, for the first time since 2006, Christmas Eve (Dec. 24th) falls on Sunday and Christmas Day (Dec. 25th) falls on Monday. 

For those who live in Novus Ordo land, it's often the fact for most Holy Days of Obligation that are not transferred to the closest Sunday are dispensed if the holy day falls on a Saturday or Monday. In the Traditional Latin Mass practice these are still obligatory Mass attendance days (unless you're impeded for a grave reason), so whenever the Immaculate Conception (Dec. 8th) falls on Saturday or Monday, for example, it's always observed as a Holy Day of Obligation. (It's next Friday.) 

However, in both the Tridentine and Novus Ordo rites, Christmas Day is never dispensed or transferred to the closest Sunday. Hence, you have to attend Mass on both Sunday the 24th and Monday the 25th. Sundays are obligatory regardless, along with Christmas Day. Not doing so are mortal sins. 

Even further in the Tridentine Missal, "the Vigil of Christmas, which, if occurs on the 4th Sunday of Advent, takes the place of that Sunday, excluding even a commemoration of it;" [Code of Rubrics 30a, AAS LII (1960)]. 

So when you attend the TLM on Sunday, Dec. 24th, unless your diocese the religious superiors whom you are served by have a particular ordo saying otherwise, you will hear the Mass of Christmas Eve, which is said in purple vestments. (The Novus Ordo Christmas Eve [not Midnight] Mass prescribes white vestments, and in many parishes is a kiddie pageant.)

This also clarifies that if for some reason your regular TLM is at 5PM, it WILL NOT count towards your Christmas Day obligation, just your Sunday obligation. If you see the priest wearing purple vestments should tell you right away he's not saying the Mass of the feast, but only the vigil. If you attend the Christmas Midnight Mass, it will begin technically on Monday morning, not Sunday late night, so it's not a Sunday Mass (unless Christmas falls on Sunday like it did last year). If you play hooky from regular Sunday Mass on the 24th thinking you can double-dip at Christmas Midnight Mass, think again 24 days in advance. 

Weather permitting, plan on attending Holy Mass two consecutive days this Christmas Eve and Day. Jesus is the reason for the season. 

A Note about Nuptial Masses on Saturday afternoons

While discussing this particular topic, Jeff Ostrowski of Corpus Christi Watershed, states in a recent blogpost "That is why one can attend a Wedding (“Nuptial Mass”) on Saturday evening and fulfill one’s Sunday obligation, although I believe such a Mass cannot begin too early in the afternoon."

Mr. Ostrowski is incorrect here, because Nuptial Masses that take place at 4 or 5PM on Saturdays are considered private Votive Masses (of the I Class in the TLM), and since the Mass of the Sunday is not used (even in the Novus Ordo), it doesn't fulfill your Sunday obligation. On the flip side, parishes which schedule Saturday Vigil Masses at 4PM (which in theory fulfill your Sunday obligation, but are often abused) are taking away a time slot for a Nuptial Mass, which never ever fulfills your Sunday duty on any day but Sunday! 

Normally, Catholics cannot marry on Sundays without permission from the Bishop. If this indult is granted, the couple would be married before the parish's Sunday Mass while they would kneel through the Mass of the Sunday, not the Nuptial Mass. But the Bishop may grant permission for the Nuptial Mass on Sunday at a separate time, especially if your wedding date is a Sunday with green vestments. This Sunday Mass would indeed fulfill your Sunday obligation. 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Anti-Catholic, anti-Christian, anti-Trump bigotry in Mass. continues with mandatory free birth control

RINO Gov. Charlie Baker signed the bill mandating free birth control pills in Massachusetts yesterday as another step towards nullification and total disrespect of the Federal Government and his own party's platform. 

The bill is even worse that it seems, as it allows the Pill to be dispensed over-the-counter without a prescription, just like an aspirin. Expect more young women on the Pill to get breast cancer in the future and die young courtesy of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

Several studies show the Pill causes the higher risk for breast cancer. My mother had successful Stage 0 breast cancer surgery last week and is planning on the next phase of treatment. She has been sick for a long time, and claims at one time temporary took birth control (Since she has bad memory and this was a long time ago before she met my father I'm not sure if it's accurate; doing so would disqualify her from ecclesiastical burial...). 

Ladies, if you are on or at at-one time took the Pill, don't complain when you get diagnosed with breast cancer. Not doing your homework not only gives you bad grades, but can ruin your life. 

To that end, if you are a registered Democrat or anyone else who supports a "woman's right to choose", don't bother sitting in the pews with real Catholics at Sunday Mass until you are reformed. 

Monday, November 20, 2017

Dr. Michelle Cretella: Transgenderism "is child abuse"

Dr. Michelle Cretella is the best pediatrician in the world, no questions asked. While she currently doesn't practice clinically, she is President of the American College of Pediatricians, the pro-life, pro-marriage, and pro-family counterpart to the American Academy of Pediatricians, which went gay several years ago. Below is a video from the TFP Student Action YouTube interviewing her at home, explaining that transgenderism is mental illness and must be treated as such:

Sadly, unless much needed reforms to academia are implemented, a young adult who thinks like Dr. Cretella can't be admitted to medical school today, never mind obtaining a residency or medical license. 

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Cardinal Sean raises taxes on RCAB parishes

His Eminence, Sean Cardinal O'Malley, OFM Cap., Archbishop of Boston, issued a decree effective Thanksgiving Day that raises the cathedraticum parishes pay to the chancery (or in politically-correct terms, the "Pastoral Center" at 66 Brooks Drive in Braintree). The taxation will be done in three tiers, in summary:

Base Revenue

All regular offertory, which includes "grand annual" collections, remain taxed at 10% at parishes without schools under their auspice, but those parishes that operate schools will receive a discount at 5.3%. (Schools that are run by religious orders, the Archdiocese directly, or by independent boards of trustees are not parochial, and are not subject to this tax.) 

The Catholic Appeal assessment will increase from 7.5% to 8%. In Boston, like many dioceses today, if parishioners of a particular parish don't voluntarily pledge the parish's designated goal by the end of the annual pledge drive, the parish receives a bill for the balance. 

Net Rental Income

Some parishes rent space because they are able to. The Archdiocese will now tax net rental income at 18% from parishes without schools and 4.7% from those who operate parochial schools. 

Net Proceeds from Real Estate Sales

Whenever a parish sells real estate, they will be able to keep only 82% of the net proceeds, with the other 18% going to Braintree. According to this interpretation, if a religious order is the legal owner of a parish that has parochial status, they'll have to pay 18% at closing if they wish to sell property! 

Basically, these actions might not be permissive under Canon 1263, which states:

The diocesan bishop has the right to impose a moderate tax on public juridic persons subject to his authority; this tax, which should be proportionate to their income, is for diocesan needs and may be imposed only after hearing the diocesan finance council and the presbyteral council he can impose an extraordinary and moderate tax on other physical and juridic persons only in cases of grave necessity and under the same conditions with due regard for particular laws and customs attributing even more significant rights to him. (Emphasis added)

The term "moderate" in this case would what I support civilly, which is a flat tax. Canon Law clearly requires a flat tax, yet Cardinal Sean is giving breaks to parishes with parochial schools (which are scarce these days), whom don't require pupils to be practicing Catholics. There is no provision in Canon Law for a capital gains tax, which is what the third tier essentially is. 

Ideally, parishes should not be taxed more than 10%. The extra 8% (which is guaranteed, so much for charity) goes to activities that have nothing to do with Catholicism, such as "Catholic" Charities aiding illegals and enemies of the United States. Because most Catholic dioceses aren't orthodox or traditional there's no good reason for an individual to donate to these annual pledge drives. 

In Medieval times, out of a parish's 10%, 1/3 went to the chancery, 1/3 went to the cathedral's maintenance, and 1/3 went to the poor. Dioceses lived within their means of Faithful, and only poor practicing Catholics should be first priority for Catholic Charities. Same with the state, which should only live within the means of it's citizenry, with only welfare going to those citizens who truly need help. 

Monday, November 13, 2017

Catholic radio stations don't catechize, BOLD sermons do

The Archdiocese of Boston has issued a pamphlet entitled Rediscovering Catholic Faith in the Boston Region, a fundraising tool for the Catholic (i.e. Novus Ordo) radio station WQOM-AM 1060. There are a few striking passages enclosed, which I will selectively quote and comment in red:

"Catholics in the Greater Boston Area and surrounding communities are incredibly fortunate to reside in such a vibrant, flourishing community." 

The Boston area is vibrant for everything but Catholicism; real Catholics are discriminated by the Archdiocese. Anyone who is patriotic is discriminated by society-at-large. Wait until the graduated income tax passes next year and a third-world dump is established. 

"The opportunity to form the next generation of Catholics is here -- in one of the most unique cities in the world where there is a crossroad of elite universities and innovative businesses, educating and bringing together some of the best minds in the world." 

Why Boston exclusively? Why in an area where most baptized Catholics don't care?

"Boston is also a place where people share their ideas and philosophies, and it is important to make certain the Catholic point of view is offered, reviewed, and understood by the community - Catholics and non-Catholics alike." 

"Catholic" in this case means Novus Ordo and whatever Bergoglio says. 

"While nearly half of residents in Massachusetts identify themselves as Catholic, less than 20% regularly attend Sunday Mass." 

This is incorrect. The number is more like 37%, so out of about 7 million residents, 2,590,000 are baptized Catholics who've not publicly renounced the Faith. If 20% of them attend Sunday Mass regularly, that would amount to 518,000. The popular figure in the Archdiocese of Boston alone is about 2 million, so no more than 400,000 Catholics attend church in the Greater Boston area, which seems like a stretch. Only a handful attend the Tridentine Mass. 

Most persons, including Catholics, do not get their religious instruction and guidance on the radio. They get them from BOLD sermons. Until priests' sermons become bold and plain on dogma, Faith and morals aren't going to improve. 

According to the online programing schedule, this radio station doesn't have orthodox programing. No Mike Church, no Magnificat Radio affiliations, no Reconquest with Brother Andre Marie, no Heaven's Peace Plan from the late Fr. Nicholas Gruner, nothing. 

If these guys think they're going to beat Rush Limbaugh, Ben Shapiro, Jeff Kuhner, Howie Carr, and Mark Levin (a guy who undeservingly is banned in Boston), they're crazy. Catholics listen to these hosts too.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Massachusetts bans all semi-automatic guns and general gun maintenance

This post is dedicated to the memory of Bill Kelly, the founder of Kelly Financial Services, who died suddenly of a heart attack and was buried this past week. He was a JFK Democrat and Vietnam Veteran. (Our 35th President was an NRA member and pro-Second Amendment.) Requiescat in Pace. 

Yesterday, while performing gubernatorial duties while Charlie Baker was hiding in California trying to get advice on how to secede from the USA, Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito signed the bill that bans all semi-automatic weapons, even those legally owned. Adding to the already very strict gun control laws of the Commonwealth, this was passed as a reactionary to the Las Vegas Massacre by lunatic Stephen Paddock, without much public input. 

The original purpose was to ban the bump stock, which is already against Federal Law, but since it was already on the books the hacks on Beacon Hill added prohibitions to ALL semi-automatic magazines and basic gun maintenance. Watch this video from Liberty Doll about why guns must be oiled to be safe:

As a follow-up from my previous post, it's pretty clear that the Baker Administration is prioritizing pointing fingers at the Trump White House and genuflecting to Democrat-Controlled Legislature (since 1958), which is now firmly Communist. Massachusetts is not going to change for the better unless the Republicans (and any independents who caucus with them) win at-least one of the chambers of the Legislature next year! 

Next up, phony criminal justice reform...