Sunday, December 1, 2019

FINAL WARNING: The Errors of Russia are omnipotent in America

America is on it's final thread. I am on mine. 

With Communist infiltration of the West, via Catholic seminaries, abortion, contraception, immigration without assimilation, same-sex marriage, transgendered bathrooms and Gender X driver's licenses, it's very safe to say that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts fully possesses the "Errors of Russia" as Our Lady of Fatima warned. 

Practically every Bay State resident of all stripes, with very few exceptions, is actively rooting for the successful impeachment, conviction, and removal of President Donald J. Trump, at the very least. As I mentioned at the very beginning of the inquiry, once he is charged by the House of Representatives, it's over for his Administration. It won't matter if the Senate acquits, the damage is already done. If I'm still in Taxachusetts, I might as well write someone else in, as even former Gov. Bill Weld wouldn't have a chance, despite being a libertarian. Pierre Delecto did poorly against Obama in '12 in the now-Gay State, where at least half the marriages are LGBT, 15% of students are as such, and at least a full percentage point have sex-change operations as minors, at least 300% above the global average. (Conservative gays like Milo, Brandon Straka, Dave Rubin, and the dudes who organized the Straight Pride Parade are not welcome because they don't believe it should be the primary family unit.)

If Massachusetts doesn't want to be part of the United States, I would only be sympathetic to a Mass Exit if it were guaranteed to be a Catholic Confessional State (i.e. pre-Vatican II). It's merited that only the Society of Saint Pius X is the only Catholic sacerdotal order that has earned the exclusive right to administer the Sacraments within the boundaries of the Commonwealth. You can thank the late Cardinal Cushing for starting this. 

This weekend's 50th anniversary of the commencement of the Novus Ordo Missae is anything but golden. It's marks the beginning of the end of the institutionalized sacramental Church. Nobody knows when Gabriel is going to blow the Trumpet, but we cannot live to presume he will do it shortly. 

Personally, I should've never been born in the first place. I'm only alive because of Dr. Farricy at the Olde St. Vincent's Hospital 29 years and 10 weeks ago. My breach birth was delivered via c-section in a Catholic hospital under the supervision of a pro-life OB/GYN. I was born to older parents, who can't be considered model parents could've easily  been much worse. 

Fast forward three decades later, you can't go to medical school if you're pro-life. Practically most of the newer doctors are uber-liberal Democrats who support Medicare for All, who would rather euthanize anyone not of overproductive status. They clearly don't support the Second Amendment, as many newer immigrants don't appreciate American history and culture. 

My family only survived in the Commonwealth due to the one-term tenure of Gov. Edward J. King, the REAL guy behind the Massachusetts Miracle of the 1980's. If it weren't for the last conservative pro-life Catholic Reagan Democrat to hold statewide office forty years go, the Bay State would not exist today. Mike Dukakis' second stint as Governor was part of a coup by Billy Bulger to protect Whitey. If Gov. King won a much deserved second term, there would've been no Bush Dynasty, the second chief reason why we're a dangerously divided country today. (The first ones being Ted Kennedy's '65 Immigration and Naturalization Act and Nixon going to China.) More importantly, Massachusetts would've likely passed stricter matrimonial laws regarding pre-Cana and financial fitness under Ed King's second term, expanding on a statute that gives Mass. Governors the authority to block a wedding for a good reason. (Dukakis should've blocked my parents, thanks to my dad's previous divorce.) 

It is the Bush years that are the reason why I've never been financially and professionally stable. Say what you like, but I have a very good reason to be a nativist. 

Once the Democrat takes office at noon ET on January 20, 2021, it will be the conservatives' turn to rebel, but not via flag burning. Too bad Deval Patrick filed paperwork on the deadline day with New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner and not the last pro-life Catholic Democrat from Boston, former Mayor Ray Flynn. Cadillac Deval is the reason why it took ten years for me to get my driver's license; he signed a bill in 2007 that requires all jr. operators to take one year of driver's ed., something that my parents, along with many others, cannot simply afford. Then there comes my leg issues... (BTW, Secretary Gardner is the only Democrat still alive who knows how to accurately count ballots.) 

Instead of the historical Christian Commonwealth, Massachusetts today is a full-blown Democratic Socialist Confessional State. It's not just the hacks who work on Beacon Hill, but those in academia, clergy, healthcare, and business. You can thank Jim Lyons for selling-out his principles as being a Never-Trumper from the right, but accepting the MassGOP chairmanship, a party that is owned by Charlie Faker and since affiliated with the RNC, is required to support the President and nobody to the right of him. (See the September 2019 Boston Broadside photos of the NH Trump Rally for more info.) 

Honestly, most conservatives from Massachusetts, the few that do live here, are to the right of the Trump Administration. They have no choice but to be. If I were more stable, I would run for the U.S. Senate (from the right) against Ed Markey (a once pro-lifer who wanted to overturn Roe v. Wade) or Joe Kennedy III (nothing like his great grandfather or great uncle; very big on allowing little boys to cut their wee-wees off). 

To really upset a lot of people, if I were actually old enough, I would primary the President from the right as a serious challenger. It would be very handy for a Catholic in the White House who actively opposes Frankenpope, equating him with al-Baghadhi. 

The fact that the GOP is losing suburban women--even pro-life women--is because they have zero tolerance for bad mouthing. Trump can make gains with Blacks and Hispanics, but the Party of Lincoln, Coolidge, and Reagan cannot survive much longer without the upperclass. They simply don't care if the economy is doing ok overall. It's more to them. 

America is finished, and my career was ruined back around 2014. Don't plan on Andrew Yang or Tulsi Gabbard on the Democratic ticket because they don't hate conservatives. Bloomberg's last-minute entry is just a waste. Time to buckle our seatbelts for this extremely bumpy ride. 

Where and how children are raised will effect them, practically almost every detail. I believe my family would be much different if they had a little house in New Hampshire rather than renting in Massachusetts. 

This blog ends here in disappointment. ✪

Friday, November 22, 2019

St. John's Seminary report a sham

This afternoon, the final report of the investigation into Saint John's Seminary in Brighton was released to the public by the Archdiocese of Boston. The investigation, led by former U.S. Attorney Donald Stern (served under Bill Clinton; pro abort and pro homosexual), turns out to be a sham. While there's very disturbing details in the report, thanks to the Commonwealth's lax laws due to recent repeals or court nullification, technically the un-Christlike behavior described is totally legal. (Please read for yourself at your own risk.) 

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

My Secret Crush

(For blunt analysis of the pathetic Amazonian "sin-nod", please watch Dr. Taylor Marshall's take on the blasphemies worse than the f-word. It's the best one. -CRW)

This post will likely be my last one. It should not have taken nine years and hundreds of postings, for what has developed inadvertently into a voice in the far-left New England states for Catholic Tradition, patriotism, and conservatism. 

However, while the goal of this blog has yet to be fully achieved, I am going to make a public confession:

I have a crush on a semi-famous young Catholic woman from a Republican family. 

I am bound to ecclesiastical law to marry a Catholic; there's simply no way I would switch faiths at this point. Extra Catholicam Ecclesiam nulla salus

There's simply no way I would want to have a relationship with a 21st Century Democrat. As someone who is from a JFK Democratic Party family, whose olde folk are too stubborn to give any opposition a chance (other than Charlie Baker), and whose younger members tagged-along with the masses, as the paraphrase goes, my friends are close, but my enemies are closer. They shouldn't feel bad because my struggles are not fully because of them, but also due to those in the community and state in all sectors, public and private. 

For this young woman in question, I am not at liberty to say who she is or to broadcast too many clues. However, it appears that she is very patriotic, stylish, and normal. She is pro-life and loves her family, but might even be more moderate on other issues. She has absolutely no sympathy for the Confederate Flag, that's for sure. 

It's very difficult to contact her, but it would be an honor to meet her. She is about 6 to 8 years younger than I am, which I don't mind since my Navy veteran brother's wife is eight years younger than him. (This would be helpful in developing a relationship plus...) 

If for some reason she's in a relationship with someone else, that's fine. I've been praying for her and her family daily for the past week now, and I'm on her side no matter what she does. 

The same holds true if she wishes to join the convent, although I can't picture her has a nun! 

It would be the honor of my lifetime to meet her (and possibly her family). 

(HINT: It's not Olivia Ingrassia of the Right on Point Podcast!)

Saturday, October 19, 2019

R.I.P. Brian O'Connell (1949-2019), longtime Worcester School Committee man

(Telegram & Gazette)
I am saddened to hear of the sudden death of longtime Worcester School Committee Member Brian O'Connell. 

Mr. O'Connell, a graduate of Worcester Academy, Holy Cross, and Harvard Law, was first elected to the School Committee in 1983 after a recount. He consistently was a top vote-getter after 36 years of faithful and integral public service. 

Brian was one of the last two pro-life Catholic elected officials in city government, the other being his surviving colleague John Monfredo, a retired principal. They successfully blocked the pornographic sex ed. curriculum from WPS this past spring. 

With Mr. O'Connell's passing, Mr. Monfredo remains the only pro-life Catholic Democrat in the city. 

Requiem aeternam dona ei Domine. Et lux perpetua luceat ei. Requiescat in pace. Amen. 

Amina jus et animae omnium fidelium defunctorum per misericordiam Dei requesicant in pace. Amen. 

Sunday, September 29, 2019

GOP must have fresh ticket in 2020

Unfortunately, I got it correct last Election Night. It wasn't a matter of if, but a matter of when. Russia is not the excuse, but the Ukraine and Hunter Biden's shady receipts from the natural gas company, based on a phone call the President made months after the Mueller Report was first issued. 

Impeachment proceedings are well underway against President Trump, thanks to those "pro-life" and "pro-family" moms in the suburbs chose to pull the lever for their private parts. These moms shouldn't complain once the Constitution is thrown down the toilet, Socialism is implemented, and their livelihood garnished. They chose to burn the Flag just like BLM and ANTIFA, albeit in a "peaceful" manner. 

At this point, there's simply no way the President can win re-election, even if he gets off. He, and the First Family, Vice President Pence and the Second Family, and anyone who does (or has) work for the Administration in any capacity is forever tainted professionally and politically. There's simply no way Mike Pence can win a full term if he takes over. And you can forget the rumor of Nikki Haley making a future White House bid, since she served as UN Ambassador for the first two years of the Administration, despite doing an excellent job. Dr. Ben Carson's previous surgical and writing careers are now tarnished despite being totally innocent. Sarah Sanders just made it in time to FOX News before the collateral damage. (Pat Buchanan never got elected just because he worked for Nixon, although never had a hand in Watergate.) 

The three declared Republican primary challengers, Bill Weld, Joe Walsh, and Mark Sanford, are not going to be President. Weld is pro-abortion and pro-LGBT, Walsh has some character issues, and Sleazy Sanford abandoned his wife and Governorship in South Carolina. None of these Three Stooges can win a general election. 

The only good news here is the 2020 Republican National Convention in Charlotte, NC isn't until August 24-27. Historically, the party occupying the White House holds their convention last, and this is being honored as the Democratic National Convention will occur in Milwaukee on July 13-16. (The minor parties will hold their conventions before the RNC.) While the Democratic Party has the super-duper delegate system for it's tiebreaker, the GOP doesn't. There were rumors last time of a brokered RNC, and it actually wouldn't hurt next summer. If none of the (currently 4) candidates get 50%+1 of the first ballot roll call, for whom are legally binding, the RNC rules allow practically any registered Republican who is Constitutionally-eligible to be President to be nominated.

As of this writing, Elizabeth Warren is leading in the D polls, but I treat them as they are, premature polls, as what we all learned three years ago. It's very likely that she will be the nominee, via outright vote or the super-delegates, since 2020 marks the centennial of the 19th Amendment, which guaranteed all American women the right to vote. (Although nicknamed the Susan B. Anthony Amendment, she was an early American pro-life leader who would disavow modern feminism if she saw it.) This means that the GOP, the party that supported women's suffrage and whose Harding/Coolidge ticket won in 1920, has to have a very strong pro-life woman on the ticket. Otherwise, the GOP will get whigged-out and it will be almost impossible to form a new conservative party once these D-party totalartans win the trifecta. 

At the close of the RNC, if the nominee is someone who did not appear on primary ballots, he or she will only have 67 days until Election Day (Nov. 3, 2020) to campaign plus the three debates. There will be NO time-off. The ticket will have to run a 50-state campaign in a very short timeframe. There is nothing wrong with 50-state campaigns, as this is how Ronald Reagan won two massive landslides in the Electoral College, against Jimmy Carter's screw-ups and a third-party Republican challenger, Congressman John Anderson of Illinois. When speaking to students at Clark University recently, Mike Dukakis, a longtime proponent of abolishing the Electoral College, said the Democrats need to run a 50 state campaign. 

"What's this red and blue stuff anyway? It's a bad strategy. Every state is a battleground state," the former Mass. Governor and 1988 Democratic nominee was quoted in the Telegram & Gazette. (I concur, since retail politics actually work.)  

Bear in-mind that these impeachment proceedings could easily have been prevented if Rick Santorum were the nominee in 2012. Thanks to treasonous Catholics of both parties, Mitt Romney was a sore loser against Obama since he was not a credible conservative candidate. We have Frankenpope, nationalized SSM, transgenderism, infanticide, and chaos because thanks to the sins of "lukewarm Catholics" as St. Pius V distinguished. 

If the Republican Party gets whigged, blame can also be held by the 2016 GOP primary voters who had 16 other candidates to chose from. The GOP electors could have made Ted Cruz the President if they really wanted to, but they didn't. This is why the Electoral College is vital, just not so much winner-take-all. 

Besides the radical left, the Never Trump Republicans, Bill Kristol, Paul Ryan, the Bushes, the Chamber of Commerce, and Charlie Baker's country club are popping the cork and celebrating Nancy Pelosi's decision, which will very likely end America. 

On this major Catholic feast day (Double I Class), I offer this prayer for all Americans to get their heads out of their rear ends:

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the Devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, cast into Hell Satan and all wicked spirits who roam the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen. 

Saturday, September 21, 2019

God Bless Michelle Malkin on her latest book!

Conservative investigative journalist, commentator, patriotic Catholic, and daughter of Filipino immigrants Michelle Malkin is to be praised on her latest book, Open Borders Inc.: Who's Funding America's Destruction (Regenery). The 500 page book is spot-on with extra long lists of endnotes and 10 appendices explaining the whole story over the past thirty years  why there's been moribund enforcement of immigration laws since the Bush 41 Administration. 

Mrs. Malkin devotes Chapter Three to Bergoglio's open borders agenda, which exposes in writing and detail, the USCCB as one of the major faith-based government contractors to resettle refugees on our dime. She highlights the anti-Catholic and anti-American behavior of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) and it's Alinskitie history, Catholic Relief Services (CRS), the Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC), and the national and diocesan chapters of Catholic Charities. 

One paragraph on Page 93 struck my eye, which states the following:

Bishop Thomas Joseph Tobin of the Providence, Rhode Island, diocese issued a declaration of support for drivers' licenses for illegal aliens in his state, citing the pope's call "to welcome immigrants into our midst" because "these immigrants will enrich America and its Church."

I'm disturbed, but unsurprised, that one of the better bishops in the United States and New England would express support for illegals. Your bishop might staunchly oppose abortion and the LBGT propaganda, and allow the Tridentine Mass in his parishes, but if he supports open borders and sedition, then it's time to do what Malkin says in her Conclusion:

Not one more cent for churches, nonprofits, and international non-governmental organizations that conspire to aid and abet illegal immigration and indiscriminate refugee resettlement in our backyards. ¶ Because of everything I have uncovered about the Vatican, its border-bashing bishops, and sprawling open-borders network, I can no longer trust that donations I make to the Catholic Church will be used in a lawful manner that protects our freedom and posterity. I refuse to put my hard-earned money in collection baskets who's contents will end up in the hands of Trump-deranged cultural Marxists in white collars. [...] Cut off Catholic Charities. Give instead to patriotic nonprofit legal foundations, activists, and independent journalists who uphold our Constitution, laws, and borders...(Pages 295-6)

I concur. 

For the past year, I have been withholding my peanuts from the diocesan parish of record, were I attend the TLM most Sundays, due to Canon Law violations regarding finances not being followed by this diocese. As a peasant, this will not change if I become a millionaire. Church buildings and their clergy will have to earn my tithes, and avoiding heresy and treason are also part of the criteria along with liturgy. 

I wrote a letter to my parish priest of record regarding the finances, quoting the appropriate Canons where the diocese cannot touch an earmarked check. I have not received a reply in the year since, nor I had a conservation with Father about these or anything else. (He's the only decent priest of his diocese and it's not even close...his hand are often tied.) Therefore, I have not used a parish envelope since and have given those same few dollars to Traditionalist orders of priests as a substitute. 

Bear in mind that Michelle Malkin is one of the few children of immigrants who (will) vote for conservative and/or Republican candidates. It's historically clear over the past 130 years, thanks to the Catholic Church, that 75 to 80% of immigrants and their children vote Democrat. This is really nothing new.

However, the real difference between my great/grandparents and most immigrants over the past 50 years is the redefinition of an immigrant. Historically, an immigrant is someone who leaves his old country behind him and assimilates to the laws and customs of his adopted homeland. Today, with very few exceptions, there's no push to Americanize all newcomers who come to the United States, even within our taxpayer-funded institutions, especially the public schools. The same can be said many native-born multigenerational Americans, thanks to improper applications of the Internet. Why do you think we have so many socialists, flag-burners, free speech censors, atheists, and gun-grabbers, most especially those under the age of 35? 

The Church is most certainly guilty of the crimes of treason and sedition along with all the other sins that have occurred before the Vatican II smokescreen. Why does almost every American diocese have Masses in at least five different languages other than Latin or English? 

The answer is simple: Democratic Party politics. Regarding the Church, until after JFK's assassination, 80% of Catholics voted Democrat all the time. While the Southern Democrats were the Jim Crow racists, most Catholic dioceses had ethnically and racially segregated parishes in urban areas throughout the United States, despite attending the same Tridentine Mass (it's actually worse today). These were the days that Irishmen did not marry Italians, etc., and you had to have the last name of the ethnic group to register in that "national" parish. Originally, this was thought to be best way to assimilate immigrants, and was successful on some fronts. 

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Once most-Catholic Australian province passes law requiring priests to break Seal of Confession

On Tuesday, September 10, 2019, under the far-left government of Novus Ordo attendee Labour Premier Daniel Andrews, the Victoria provincial parliament passed a law requiring all clergy to report child abuse at all costs. The law requires Catholic and Orthodox priests, and all other faiths that practice sacramental confession, to break the Seal of Confession or face up to three years in prison. 

First of all, this first official contemporary legislative attack on the Sacrament of Confession took place, under the government of a nominal Catholic, due to the Church no longer requiring anonymous confessions after Vatican II. The Council of Trent mandated the confessional box with a physical visual barrier between the priest and penitent, as the priest is supposed to act in persona Christi (in the person of Christ), not as a counselor or therapist. Face-to-face confessions have opened the door to things like this, where the person's identity is known to the priest, which mandatory reporter laws would be indeed violated. 

In today's age of high tech, there's actually no need to break the Seal of Confession. If law enforcement really wanted to wiretap a confession, they have the ability to do so. 

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Statement on Mark Sanford's 2020 announcement

This morning on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, former South Carolina and Congressman Mark Sanford announced a Republican primary challenge to President Trump in 2020. Sanford is a sleaze and an adulterer who cheated on his wife, and abandoned his Governorship for a mistress in Appalachia and Argentina in 2007. He lost his Congressional seat last fall. His candidacy should not be taken seriously. 

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Statement on Joe Walsh's GOP Presidential Primary challenge

This morning, on both ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos and via Youtube, former Congressman and conservative talk radio host Joe Walsh announced that he is challenging President Trump for the GOP nomination for the White House in 2020.  

Walsh, not to be confused with the Eagles' singer with the same name, got elected in 2010 as a Tea Partier, and served for one term representing a district in suburban Chicago. Initially a supporter of the President, he is taking responsibility for creating the Twitterfest indirectly that the President is using. 

Walsh is the second primary challenger, and from the right. Unlike the former uber liberal Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, Walsh actually has credibility as a conservative, and his candidacy can easily be considered from conservative and Republican voters at-large. 

When Joe Walsh mentioned on the broadcast that the President "is tweeting us into a recession", this reference is to the fact that since FDR died, the party occupying the White House during a recession occurring during a Presidential Election year has always lost, which statistically happens to be the Republican Party. 1992 and 2008 are the most recent examples in living memory. 

Both Walsh and Weld must perform in the 30th percentile in the New Hampshire Primary if either campaign is going to go national. 

Monday, July 22, 2019

If you run into Ray Flynn today, wish him a very Happy 80th Birthday!

Former Boston Mayor Ray Flynn
(Photo by Little Flower Strategies) 
Today is the eightieth birthday of The Honorable Raymond L. Flynn, the former Mayor of Boston (1984-93) and U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican (1993-97). 

The reason why I'm commemorating his birthday is the very simple fact that he is just a mere handful of registered Democrats who is, still to this day, pro-life, pro-family, pro-cop, pro-solider, and pro-Flag, and is 100% Faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. 

Ray Flynn never waffled against Church teaching while in office, the last living Massachusetts Democrat to do so. At the same time, he never intentionally outright demonized his political opponents, either from within his own party or without. 

Flynn is a Southie Boy through and through, and comes from a very blue-collar union family. This is what the Democratic Party used to be about. He is from the old-school, when Massachusetts Democrats were socially conservative, not moonbats. He went to Providence College on a basketball scholarship, then briefly played in the NBA before beginning his career in public service. 

During the '60's and '70's, Flynn was a state rep. from South Boston, and one of his signature pieces of legislation was the Doyle-Flynn Act of 1979, which prohibited public employee health insurance plans from covering abortions. After several years of attempts by pro-choice gubernatorial vetoes of both parties, it was finally signed into law by pro-life Reagan Democrat Gov. Edward J. King. (Sadly, the law was repealed in 1996 by the signature of Gov. Bill Weld, President Trump's 2020 primary challenger.) 

Flynn was first elected Mayor in 1983, during overflow tensions of the Forced Bussing Crisis of the 1970's. The City of Boston was divided, just like the country and the Church are divided today. The supporters of Flynn's African-American opponent, Mel King (no relation to the Governor), primarily from the neighborhoods of color Roxbury, Dorchester, and Mattapan, threatened to petition the State Legislature to secede from the City and form their own municipality named after Nelson Mandela, if their candidate lost. However, Flynn strongly convinced them not to do so, and Boston was racially healed. 

Flynn was re-elected in 1987 and 1991 before becoming Bill Clinton's Vatican Ambassador in 1993. He resigned following the breaking news of the Monica Lewinsky Scandal. He sought gerrymandered Congressional seat in 1998, but lost the Democratic primary to now-former  Congressman Mike Capuano, who lost his seat to a member of AOC's Squad last fall, Ayanna Pressley. 

Over the years, Ray Flynn has always but God first as much as possible when voting. He refuses to cave-in and embrace the radicalism that took over his party. Two prime examples are him protesting John Kerry's 2004 Democratic Convention at the Boston Garden over his moderate support for "a woman's right to choose" (and subsequently voting for incumbent President George W. Bush), and endorsing pro-choice moderate Senator Scott Brown in his failed 2012 full-term re-election bid due to Elizabeth Warren's outright extremism. 

Despite turning-in his driver's license for crashing into his next door neighbor's house (and paying the reparations in full), Ray Flynn is still active, writing columns for both the Boston Herald and The Pilot. He's still got pep. 

Unfortunately to Republicans and conservatives, there's still a very good possibility that President Trump will lose re-election to one of those whacko Democrats. The reason is pretty much self-self-explainatory. Either way, Civil War II would likely commence after the election, which would be the cumulation of over 55 years of the sins committed by the Church, and the last 30 years by the globalist politicians of BOTH parties by not putting America's interests first. 

The reason why Joe Biden is running is to try courting two key demographics: senior citizens and Catholics of all ages. Unfortunately, despite the pro-abortion stance, most average Novus Ordo pew sitters are going to vote Democrat due to their clergy's pro-illegal immigrant rhetoric. 

If the DNC were smart and were serious about getting rid of Trump, they would allow Ray Flynn to run in the 2020 primaries. At least the GOP cannot use the pro-life and pro-family issues as excuses. Flynn can deal with the problems of BOTH the Church and state. 

As someone from the state were no one likes the President, including the RINOs and conservative Republicans, I can safely attest that we are now essentially a foreign country....the list goes on and on. 

With the exception of New Hampshire and maybe the 2nd Congressional District of Maine, New England will not vote Republican for President anytime soon, due to the large amount of Novus Ordo Catholics and pajama boys the 2020 Democrats are now all about. 

A Flynn Presidency would certainly keep the blue states within the United States, as many Republicans would likely cross over just to keep the peace, focus on other offices, and force the GOP to nominate a much more conservative candidate in 2024. While unlikely to bring the Democratic Party back to the center, Ray Flynn can work with a GOP Congress better than a modern-day Democrat one. 

If you happen to run into Ray Flynn today, please wish him a Happy Birthday! Make sure you get him some steroids...the New Hampshire Primary is still only six months away!