Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Fr. Davide Pagliarani elected new SSPX Superior General

Today, on the first day of the General Chapter of the Society of Saint Pius X, The Rev. Fr. Davide Pagliarani, a native of Italy, to be the new Superior General of the Society, for a term of twelve years. Fr. Pagliarani, 47, was ordained in 1996 by his outgoing predecessor, Bishop Bernard Fellay, and most recently served as the rector of the Society's Spanish-speaking seminary in Le Reja, Argentina. Fr. Pagliarani took the Anti-Modernist Oath before accepting his election. (Source: email)

The choice of Fr. Pagliarani, a younger priest with an extensive leadership and academic background, will hopefully rejuvenate the SSPX for the next decade to counter-attack against the Novus Ordo's failed (generally-speaking) New Evangelization. 

The rumors that Bishop Fellay did not want to get re-elected Superior General are now true. At 60 years old, there are several, but one major U.S. archdiocese that could most certainly use him just to save the local church there...(Any guesses?) 

Regardless of what happens, if Bishop Fellay gets his own diocese, he most certainly deserves it! 

Saturday, June 30, 2018

30th Anniversary of the Episcopal Consecrations at Econe

Thirty years ago today, June 30, 1988, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and Bishop Antonio de Castro Mayer co-consecrated four bishops to the episcopacy.

At that time, these two bishops were the only ones in the world who were fully traditional and were willing to ordain priests for the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX), the work of Archbishop Lefebvre to save the Traditional Latin Mass, the unreformed sacraments, and most importantly, the true Catholic priesthood. 

While many in Traditionalist circles (those who are against Sedevacantism, which the saintly Archbishop was against) still believe that this ceremony should not have took place, I can attest that I, along with several other persons, would not still be Catholic today if it were not for Archbishop Lefebvre. 

For starters, it was the Archbishop's correct interpretation of Pope John Paul II's 1983 Code of Canon Law that allows the consecration of bishops, without the assignment of titles or dioceses, in grave states of emergency. The unjust excommunications of the six bishops  issued the following day were bogus to begin with. 

Lefebvre was ahead of his time, as we can now see in 2018. Today's Vatican, sadly, is mostly anti-Catholic not only in liturgy, but in basic faith and morals. 

What many Traditionalists don't realize is that if this grand ceremony in Econe did not take place, the SSPX would have died out and there would virtually no canonically-correct TLMs anywhere on the globe. There would have been no Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP), established a few weeks later, as an avenue for traditional priests to work for the diocesan bishops. There would certainly be no Institute of Christ the King (ICRSP) and other smaller traditional groups. The Saint Benedict Center in Still River (and it's splinter in Richmond, NH) would most likely not have a priest to say the TLM for the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. 

And most certainly, there would never have been "indult" Masses nor Summorum Pontificum, issued eleven years ago one week from today by Benedict XVI, which gives the right of all priests, including those ordained in the Novus Ordo, to say the Tridentine Mass without permission from anyone, which is consistent with the dogmatic Quo Primum Tempore of St. Pius V. If you regularly attend the TLM at a diocesan parish said by a diocesan or mainstream religious order priest, you can thank Pope Benedict for their universal faculties to say the True Mass of the Catholic Church. 

The Traditionalist branch of the Church is the only one that's growing. They're procreating as much as the Mormons and Muslims. They're producing much more vocations to the priesthood and religious life than the Novus Ordo. Generally speaking, they don't believe in 50 genders, men in the ladies room, single-payer healthcare, open borders, appeasement to pro-choice persons (including clergy), and definitely marrying outside of the Catholic religion. They will be in charge once the Vatican II experiment finally collapses. 

Today, the SSPX has over 600 priests and 3 remaining member bishops. The FSSP has over 250 priests and the ICRSP have now close to 200. These Traditionalist orders have enough priests working worldwide to restore Christ the King to His Throne that in many case supersedes the amount of active priests in a particular diocese! Both the SSPX and ICRSP have branches for religious sisters, while the SSPX works with other autonomous monasteries. 

Both the SSPX and FSSP are holding General Chapters this July to (re)elect new leadership. Please pray for both orders. 

To Their Excellencies, Bishops Bernard Fellay, Bernard Tissier de Mallerias, and Alfonso de Galaretta, and their service as faithful shepherds, AD MULTOS ANNOS!

On a Lesser Extent, to His Excellency, Bishop Richard Williamson, while not agreeing with supporting the State of Israel and denying the Holocaust, credit must be due for remaining Catholic after being a convert from Anglicanism. Yes, you have been consecrating some bishops for your "Catholic Resistance" un-canonically, but you're still a practicing Catholic bishop. Ad Multos Annos

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, pray for us! 

Thursday, June 28, 2018

"Grand Bargain" not very grand at all

This morning, the disgraceful Governor Charlie Baker signed the "Grand Bargain" passed by the Legislature last week, which is nothing grand at all. Take a look for yourself at the highlights:

The fact that the Democratic-controlled Legislature compromised to phase-out Sunday and Holiday time and a half overtime shows they really no longer care about labor, and that Baker signed this despite his "no new taxes or fees" campaign platform shows that he would rather have Beacon Hill pay people to sit on their fannies. 

According to his campaign newsletter, Pastor Scott Lively, Baker's GOP primary challenger, ripped it as desecrating the Sabbath. 

Next up to sign on the Governor's desk are banning gay-conversion therapy for minors and automatic voter registration for those who sign-up for MassHealth. 

God help our Commonwealth!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Bishop Tobin to staff St. Mary's in Providence with FSSP for 6 years

Providence, Rhode Island Catholics should be very lucky to have Bishop Thomas J. Tobin as their ordinary, more especially now since he has hired the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP) to staff the struggling St. Mary's Church on Broadway, on Federal Hill, for six years.  

According to the official diocesan newspaper, Rhode Island Catholic, Bishop Tobin is hiring the FSSP "...not just out of a sense of necessity, but because their presence really enriches the pastoral and liturgical life of the church."

Diocesan Finance Vicar Msgr. Raymond Bastia notes "The reason that the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter is coming to St. Mary is that parish has lost a lot of parishioners and it needs help. We’re striving to keep it open and vibrant, and this is an opportunity that came about to us. The future we hope for is that this will be a vibrant parish with a full-time pastor."

This will be the third TLM parish in Rhode Island, the others being crosstown Holy Name on Camp Street (near Brown University and RISD), which has had it since 1994 (Fr. Joseph Santos), and Holy Ghost Parish in Tiverton (Fr. Jay Finelli, the iPadre), which borders Fall River, Massachusetts. Both priests who run these parishes are diocesan.

St. Mary's Church is located on 538 Broadway.

This is the FSSP's second parish in New England, with the first reconciling St. Stanislaus Parish in Nashua, NH in 2016. They regularly get close to 400 people attending Sunday Masses.

This will be the third episcopally-approved staffing of a parish by a traditionalist order in New England, with the other one the establishment of an Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest (ICRSP) apostolate in the Bridgeport, CT Diocese (New Haven area) in 2017.

I will report more info once I know about this....

Monday, June 18, 2018

SJC rules Millionaire Tax unconstitutional!

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) has ruled 5 to 2 in the case of Anderson et. al. v. Attorney General et. al. that the proposed Constitutional Amendment that would've appeared as Question 1 on this November's ballot has been ruled unconstitutional, citing the duplicity of the question. 

According to the excerpt issued by Boston Magazine, the SJC opinion states: 

“A voter who commuted to work on an unreliable subway line, but who did not have school-aged children and was unconcerned about public education, might want to prioritize spending for public transportation, without devoting additional resources to public education, but would be unable to vote for that single purpose...A parent of young children, who lived in a rural part of the Commonwealth and did not own a motor vehicle, would be unable to vote in favor of prioritizing funding for early childhood education without supporting spending for transportation.”

According to the 48th Amendment to the Massachusetts Constitution, certain topics are forbidden from appearing on the ballot, and instructing the Legislature how to spend tax dollars is one of them. The proposal also deals with two different unrelated topics, which is disallowed. 

Despite being from a working-class poor background, I opposed this amendment from the start because graduated income taxes in general, most especially at the state, county, and municipal levels, don't work and are the ultimate subject of finger-pointing on the left. If the SJC ruled differently and this amendment passed (which likely would've happened), most working millionaires and their small businesses would've left the state and legally evade paying 9.1% (currently the flat rate is 5.1%). 

The moonbats who run control the Legislature, who overwhelmingly approved this in the two consecutive sessions required for the ballot, along with their SJW constituents, thought they were going to raise an extra $2 billion for education and transportation. If this passed they would've been wrong long-term. 

The flat tax since 1913 has served the Commonwealth well, and saved us during the 1980's "Massachusetts Miracle." Let's keep it that way! 

The fight is far from over, as it will be very likely a Democrat (either Jay Gonzalez or Bob Massie) will win back the Governorship unless Scott Lively pulls off the upset during the GOP primary on September 4th. (Charlie Baker is not going to be Governor since he signed away the priorities of law-abiding citizens in favor of criminals.) Once the Dems get the Corner Office back we'll likely see tax increases to pay for MassHealth for All and Free U.Mass. 

Stay tuned...

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Tuscon, Arizona Bishop wishes to penalize Catholic ICE agents

I wonder how many American Catholics
in the Novus Ordo still salute the Flag as written in
Title 36 of the United States Code?
For the zillionth time, I wish the Catholic bishops would stay out of the immigration business. This is Caesar's role, not God's. 

At the USCCB Spring Assembly in Fort Lauderdale, Florida this week, the bishops have decried enforcement of immigration laws. Even further, Bishop Edwin J. Weisenburger of Tuscon, Arizona wants to impose "canonical penalties" for Catholic Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents simply for doing their jobs for upholding their oaths to obey the U.S. Constitution. (Thanks to the email blast from Catholic Vote's Brian Burch for pointing this out.)

Push comes to show, the U.S. Catholic bishops could, either collegially (a prime Vatican II error) or individually within their dioceses, penalize ICE agents and other law enforcement officers (especially those in "non-sanctuary" jurisdictions) for simply wearing the uniform and enforcing the law. 

If Bishop Weisnburger issues such decree for his diocese, which is on the Mexican Border, every Catholic U.S. ICE agent (and potentially any Mexican officials if they happen to stand on the our side of the border) would be denied the Sacraments and ecclesiastical burial just because they served their country. If this policy is nationalized, then I hope the Fraternal Order of Police gives the bishops an earful. 

Apparently, the initials USCCB must stand for United Socialist Committee of Communist Bolsheviks, not the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. 

You wonder why the Traditionalist branch of the Catholic Church is the only one growing and procreating: they're Patriotic! 

Happy Flag Day! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Did Fr. Jonathan Slavinskas get paid to give invocation at Mass. Democratic Party Convention earlier this month?

This post is one of the more disappointing posts I've done since I knew the Slavinskas family. 

Fr. Jonathan Slavinskas is a priest of the Diocese of Worcester, currently serving in an inner-city parish. It's his first pastorate, where he has done outreach to the inner-city youth in the parish neighborhood, which is appropriate since Worcester actually ranks in the top 15 of U.S. cities in overall poverty. Stumbling upon his public official Facebook (I don't have an account for good reasons), the following post appeared:

Yes, that's actually what it says. He actually gave the invocation at the Massachusetts Democratic Party Convention, held in Worcester, earlier this month! (He is also pictured at the State House with RINO Gov. Charlie Baker and Apostate Catholic Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito on Facebook.)

Now why in the world would a Catholic priest -- a younger Catholic priest -- give the invocation before the convention of a political party whose platform includes everything anti-Catholic, including Socialism? Why is Fr. Slavinskas, a pro-cop person, saying the prayer before the convention of a political party who is anti-cop? 

For the record, historically most Massachusetts Catholics were Democrats until they were kicked-out of the party. The Slavinskas' are a solid, good middle-class skilled family, another constituency the Democrats booted out. Contrast this to most of my relatives who are still registered Democrats are not also anti-Catholic but anti-American. 

It's a shame that his younger brother plead guilty to lying to the FBI and for hanging-out with a drug-dealing restauranteur, with cash sneakily left in a toolbox unattended in the basement of Fr. Slavinskas' parish church, for whom the priest reported to the police this suspicious activity. 

I don't think a priest who's pretty doctrinally orthodox (that I know of), whom I sent a congratulatory card after his ordination, would do such a task pro bono. 

Secondly, I'm even surprised that the Massachusetts Democratic Party would even consider having a Catholic priest give the invocation in 2018, considering the party's anti-Christian positions. They probably couldn't get an imam or a wiccan, I guess? 

Friday, June 1, 2018

Diocese of Worcester officially in the tank with illegals while lawful persons suffer

This weekend, the Massachusetts State Democratic Party Convention will take place at the DCU Center in Worcester. As I noted last year, the 2017 Convention, which had the largest attendance ever for a non-election year, approved their 2018 platform which is totally anti-American (Free college, single-payer healthcare, sanctuary state, more middle fingers to law enforcement, military, veterans, and anyone else who believes in God and country and wants to make Massachusetts [and the rest of America] great again.)

It's very likely the speakers, most of whom are candidates for office, will trash Gov. Charlie Baker because he has an R next to his name. But the matter of fact is that Faker has trashed President Trump since he walked down the escalator and snubbed Vice President Pence when he came to Boston a week before the GOP convention in April. Our RINO Governor and Lt. Governor (an apostate Catholic) are no different than any Democrat on their views favoring abortion, same-sex marriage, men in the ladies room, and gun confiscation. Baker also on Friday April 13th signed the bill into law to put criminals first over law-abiding citizens. 

What I can pretty much guarantee is that Charlie Baker will not be the Governor next year. 

The two Democrats vying for the Corner Office are failed Celticare CEO Jay Gonzalez and tree-hugger Bob Massie. The Lieutenant Governor's office is being sought by Comedian Jimmy Tingle (yes, another celebrity candidate) and an Obama bot named Quentin Palfrey (the more qualified one). According to the Massachusetts Constitution, the partisan gubernatorial and vice-gubernatorial candidates run separately in the primaries and are paired together for the general election.

Unless Pastor Scott Lively pulls-off a doable upset in the GOP Primary on Sept. 4th, there is an 100% guarantee that the Democrats will win back the Governorship, and the real fireworks of the ongoing verbal Civil War (II) will commence here in Massachusetts.

Christianity will be criminalized under total Democratic Party control. Yet the Diocese of Worcester doesn't seem to care. 

On Pentecost Eve, May 19, 2018, Bishop McManus held an "Immigrant Mass" at St. Paul's Cathedral, where he said "The Catholic Church stands with you," and would do anything to shield deportations. 

The Catholic Free Press Photo Gallery of this blasphemous event (primarily because it's a Novus Ordo Mass) shows pictures of persons in African garb, and children in native Polka outfits and some waving the flag of Honduras (a junta). 

First of all, why in the world would Polish families be featured when they emigrate legally, assimilate, learn English quickly if necessary, and are from a Catholic country that has recently enthroned Christ the King? 

For starters, this mockery of the liturgy was not geared to Poles or any first-world immigrant  that would assimilate easily. It was not sponsored by the Diocese to honor those recent 21st Century merited immigrants (doctors, engineers, rocket scientists, etc.) who possess terminal degrees and spent thousands of dollars on attorneys fees to become U.S. Citizens. It was to codify into diocesan policy that Catholic Charities will put the needs of the third-world over native-born Catholics in poverty residing in the Diocese. 

As noted before, intentionally bringing in the third-world to refill the pews is a failed strategy, as not every immigrant from the third-world is Roman Catholic. The only socially-conservative Catholics from this group attend the Traditional Latin Mass, and get it: THE CHURCH NEEDS TO BE NEUTRAL AND IMPARTIAL WHEN IT COMES TO THE RELOCATION OF PERSONS, AND TO OBEY THE CONSTITUTION. 

Currently, the only Catholic bishops who are pro-American in this regard are Bishop Athanasius Schneider, and the SSPX Bishops, whom none of are Americans. These are the only handful of bishops who exclusively offer the TLM full-time. (I'm unsure of Cardinal Burke's position on immigration, although he is favorable to the Trump Administration; and those of the Eastern Rite eparchs in the U.S., whom since they have larger territories and smaller flocks, many which include Christian refugees from the Middle East.) 

Those who attend Latin Mass parishes are less likely to hear the b.s. about "welcoming the stranger" from the Bible, which has nothing to do with immigration, but welcoming nonbelievers into full communion with the Catholic Church.