Monday, December 20, 2021

The longer I stay in NE, the more likelihood to face Martyrdom

Yes, the end is near. 

The events of the last two years do certainly predict it. 

The seeds were planted a long time ago when nobody was watching, decades later they’ve now blossomed. 

Boston, the once “Athens of America” and the “Cradle of Liberty,” is now fully Communist. 

The “City on the Hill” and the Commonwealth it capitals weren’t always this way. 

Once Mumbles Menino kicked the bucket, the city died with him. “Boston Strong” was short-lived. 

Ray Flynn is still alive, but his type were expelled from the Democrats long ago. As a Ben Franklin, he would’ve kicked Trump’s @** 538-0 in the Electoral College last year, locked him up in jail and threw away the key last year. More importantly, America would’ve been spared from the Devil and democracy could’ve been saved. 

Satan now rules the Vatican, as shown with Traditionis Custodes, that the successors of the Apostles cannot even make other successors properly, nor fully receive those of maturity fully into Holy Mother Church. 

Satan now rules every Western government (at most levels), and major professional and academic institutions, most especially medicine. 

Satan is not always upfront. 

Satan says that the COVID shots would eliminate just like all classic vaccines of the past, but it’s not happening. What’s Omicron? 

To the rulers, emperors, and petty tyrants, it’s an excuse to turn every public place into a foreign country. Showing your papers is Stalinism 101. 

Benedict XVI should’ve never abdicated the Papacy for several other reasons. If he was really burned-out, he should’ve died as Pope, and it would’ve just been business as usual. Instead, both the Apostolic Palace and White House are juntas turning into ‘22. 

If one would say to me 15 or 20 years ago “Chris, you’re going to end up a disadvantaged bum on the street and face multitude of persecutions,” I’d laugh it off. 

But unfortunately, I’ve never had a chance at success due to the 2008 Recession, which would’ve likely been averted if the Democrats just remained the single-issue party for union labor. 

Didn’t help either that George W. Bush stole the 2000 Election from Al Gore, as the Bush Family has given Republicans of multitude of stripes bad names well before Trump’s 2015 escalator ride.  When his daddy addressed Congress, exactly ten years before the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks, with the intent of establishing a New World Order, today’s practices are what he meant. 

Two decades later, the same thing happened, albeit from the other party, but the same ideology. 

Elections do have consequences, whether won legitimately or not. Some people benefit, but many can suffer. In the case of the 2013 Papal Conclave, which some argue should be null and void, every decent human being is suffering, whether Catholic or not. 

Actual Catholics will have no basic rights going forward thanks to our hierarchy who haven’t been forcing Canon Law for the past several decades. It clearly doesn’t help that the GOP refused to nominate for President the best three Catholic statesmen on several occasions over the past three decades.
Consequently, I’m now at my midlife crisis at 31. 

The longer I stay in New England, the more likelihood to face Martyrdom. 

Politics are one thing I actually loathe, but I got involved here on this blog because my rights were being tarnished, one-by-one. If we still had the Real America, where every able-bodied person faithfully went to church or temple at least once per week, and everyone stood up with their hands over their hearts for the Flag, party affiliation would not matter in these basic matters. 

Voting is useless if there’s no integrity of the ballot. Until we have Election Holiday with a specific time where ballots are cast, and counted on live TV one-by-one to the camera with at least three witnesses, nobody is going to peacefully trust the results anymore. 

Of course, if politicians of both parties learned their lessons from the 2008 crisis, we’d might be okay. 

But we’ll never overcome the strife of the past couple years, unlike from every previous major war, simply because most of the American people no longer believe in God and country. 

God is not going the bless America anymore if we don’t recognize the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ, not only in our laws, but externally. Outlawing school prayer is the most damaging effect of our civilizational collapse. Six decades later, Wokeness is the official state religion. 

Liberals (which mostly are now Commie) blame Reaganomics for Millennials’ woes, but I’ll take the 1980’s any day of the week. Music is the best. 

Unless True Patriotism is practiced DAILY, the country collapses. Plain and simple. Because many didn’t pray and pledge daily, this is what we get. America’s Pledge of Allegiance was never meant to be fealty to those in office, but to state that you would the legitimate best interests of God and your next door neighbors’ first, not those of the UN.

So as this blog signs-off permanently, remaining online as a resource until it gets shot down, I hope to remind everyone that Communism needs to be resisted wherever possible. American life and culture as we knew it can return, but unlikely as a democracy or republic. Despite doing many good things, the Trump Administration will likely be regarded as the as one that actually set fuel to the fire domestically by allowing the governors and mayors to be petty tyrants six months before the sham 2020 Election, which he would’ve lost a fair ballot on the merits for refusing to bomb Beijing on his watch. Being President and pundit is something not to do.

To those who called Trump “Hitler,” you elected Stalin. America needs Franco just to save itself. 

Let’s Go Brandon! 

Saturday, January 16, 2021

The world fell apart because of the premature death of Brad Delp

Back on March 9, 2007, to everyone’s shock, the world suddenly heard the very sad news of the suicide of the best rock singer ever, Mr. Brad Delp. 

Yours Truly heard the tragic announcement from Chuck Nowlin on WZLX after coming home as a high school sophomore that afternoon. 

Gone too soon but never forgotten
(Youtube screenshot)

Bradley was only 55 and performing at a very high level as the lead singer for Boston of over three decades. Little did I know, he was a Beatles fanatic, and had a local tribute band called Beatlejuice. He was selfless guy who didn’t live the typical celebrity glamorous lifestyle. He did stuff for the community. He hosted an annual Christmas pageant for high school students in New Hampshire, where he lived for most of his adult life. He gave a lot of his fortune to his fans in need, hence he only had about $500,000 net worth at the time of his death.

My parents weren’t really fans of the band Boston, but my dad said he saw the original lineup at the Garden in the ‘70’s. The only realistic chance I could’ve saw Brad perform, I happened to be at Scout camp the very same week Boston performed at Gilford, NH in 2004. 

As someone who grew up listening to classic rock (something my parents did do right!), I’ve always been impressed with Tom Scholz (someone I definitely disagree with politically) creating his own studio in his basement while working for Polaroid during the day. The music holds up 45 years later at very high quality. These were the good old days before computers. 

It was Scholz who called Brad Delp “the best singer I’ve ever heard.” NO ONE can argue otherwise, because Brad could’ve sang anything! 

Unfortunately, I’m afraid Brad and original Boston touring guitarist Barry Goudreau predicted today’s civilizational collapse thirty years ago with the RTZ album, focusing on anti-violence crusading. Irregardless of the lyrical topics, it’s the best Boston album nobody knows about. 

It just comes to show that despite the two Middle East wars of that decade, America was actually doing fine overall while Bradley was still here. The 2007-09 Recession started the following month after this should-be hall-of-famer’s death. This might be a matter of coincidence, I don’t know. But as a matter of chronological facts, once Brad was gone, America, and especially the youth at the time, started to decline. (We all know the rest...) 

I heard on some websites referring to Brad Delp as “the Voice of America.” This indeed is a good title, because he was the best, versatile, crystal clear sound born in America. Most great classic rock musicians came from Britain. He certainly was, according to his daughter, the 20th century “Man with the Golden Voice.” 

Brad would’ve turned 70 this June, and I’m pretty sure he would be setting an example to the Taylor Swifts, Miley Cyrus’, Lady Gagas, and Justin Biebers of the world on professionalism. He would still be performing at a very high level for certain, most especially when your an avid vegetarian who never smoked nor drank. 

I never got to meet Brad, nor see him perform live. However, if Brad lived, and the original purpose of this blog were manifested, I possibly could’ve hired him, either with Boston or Barry, to perform at the wedding reception that will never be. (It would’ve cost a lot, though...) 

But instead, I’m, by actually no fault of my own, the husband and architect that I’ll never be. 

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Full Statement on 2nd Impeachment

Yesterday Afternoon, January 13, 2021, the President of the United States, with exactly one week to go in his term, was Impeached for the second time in his tenure, and the first ever in American History. 

Even though his party has denounced him for his alleged inspirational role in the Capitol Violence that disrupted the Electoral College Vote Count one week prior, this doing so at the hands of the Democrat/Communist House majority was purely ceremonial, as there is simply no way a Senate trial can be conducted in such short notice. An ex-President cannot be tried while out of office.

Irregardless of what happened with the soon-to-be-ex-President, the effects are now trickling down to punishment for anyone who supports Traditional America at the hands of Big Tech. 

With very few exceptions, and in strict moderation, Yours Truly does not use social media, never did, and probably never will. This person never had a Facebook or Twitter account, nor does not want one. He always thought that over the past fifteen years or so, social media was. purely a waste of time. Now it can get anyone, including those in authority, in deep trouble. 

If anyone is to get punished for supporting this President, it should be those early immediate supporter since that 2015 escalator ride. I think this is fair as someone who was not his first choice. Yours Truly has suffered professionally and academically long before that famous escalator ride, and people like me who had no choice to support him at the end for America’s survival should not have to suffer the consequences like those who were die-hards from the very start. 

Yes, I do agree with the consensus that the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen. This is the second time in 20 years, and in most of our lifetimes, that a Presidential Election was legally stolen. Unfortunately, thanks to Bush v. Gore, they can be. 

Below I link the blog articles most relevant to this shameful, all-time low point...


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My support for bombing China for releasing COVID-19 (something Trump didn’t even consider) (5/1)

Holy Week & Easter cancelled by the Vatican (because they have a hand in the Pandemic) (Easter Sunday, 4/12)

Right-wing dictatorship recommended for MA (and now Federally) (4/1)


Our Lady of Fatima predicted 2020

Brian O’Connell, longtime Worcester School Committee man, and 2nd-to-last conservative Democrat in city politics, dies suddenly (10/18)

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Book review: “Open Borders Inc.” by Michelle Malkin (9/21)

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Justice Scalia denied Requiem Mass for state funeral despite regularly attending TLM (2/20)

Santorum suspends ‘16 Campaign after disappointing last-place finish in Iowa (because nobody knew he was running) (2/3) 

WHY I SHOULD NOT BE PUNISHED: My 2016 Rick Santorum for President Endorsement

Fr. Nicholas Gruner, the Fatima Priest from Canada, dies suddenly at age 72 (4/30/15)

Saturday, January 9, 2021


With the advent of calls to ceremoniously remove the outgoing President, who has been now permanently banned from social media websites for “inciting violence”, I now have NO CHOICE but to publicly release a letter from December 7, 2019 I sent to RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel expressing my concerns about what turned out to be the worst year ever and then some. (I have received no response from the RNC to this letter, nor did I expect one.) 

This letter pretty much sums up my worldview in a nutshell, and why I had to support him, whom I clearly now believe is a Democrat mole. 

Please bear in mind that being a Democrat also disqualified young ladies from the original purpose of this blog. 

Read for yourself and draw your own conclusions...


Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Final Post (+BONUS CONTENT added 7/24/2020)

Feel free to pass along...the only way to save America at this point...

God Bless all my readers for the past decade. This blog will still remain online as a resource for the time being. Feel free to email me...😎


Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Justice Gorsuch adds fuel to the fire

While America is burning to the ground and full of civil unrest, the so-called heir to Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court just made things worse. 

Justice Neil Gorsuch was appointed to the Supreme Court by President Trump in 2017, and confirmed on a near-party-line vote to take Scalia's seat on the bench, due to his sudden death a year beforehand. He has been solid until yesterday, June 15, 2020, where he wrote the 6-3 majority opinion in Bostock v. Clayton County, the consolidated case asking regarding transgendered rights within employment. The major quote from the opinion is as follows:

“Today, we must decide whether an employer can fire someone simply for being homosexual or transgender. The answer is clear. An employer who fires an individual for being homosexual or transgender fires that person for traits or actions it would not have questioned in members of a different sex. Sex plays a necessary and undisguisable role in the decision, exactly what Title VII forbids.”

Again, the Supreme Court gets another case wrong, this time engineered by two Republican appointees -- Chief Justice John Roberts sided with the 6-3 majority, and recently ruled in another case that the State of California can close and/or limit capacity at a small Pentecostal church due to the COVID-19. 

Justices Thomas, Alito, and Kavanaugh dissented harshly. This case should've been open and shut. One of the plaintiffs was a man who worked at a funeral home in Michigan for over 20 years, and all of a sudden, says he's a woman, and wanted to wear a skirt to work. He was subsequently fired for disobeying the dress code. 

The Federal statute in this case, Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, forbids employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. "Sex" as written by Congress back then and signed by President Lyndon Johnson meant discrimination against women. It had nothing to do with homosexuality or sex-change operations. 

Yes, some state courts have ruled that "sex" also means "sexual orientation", but the plain language has always meant that "sex" means either male or female. A transgender is someone who has a sex-change operation, strictly speaking at the pubic area. A male has a [hot dog] and a female has a [bun]. 

What Gorsuch's opinion means that there are more than two genders, which is scientifically inaccurate. 

Yes, "sex" has been used as a synonym for "gender", but the radical left, including most of today's medical and health communities, don't believe so. 

This ruling effectively nullifies all distinctions between men and women in the law. It will require men to be allowed to use the ladies room wherever currently prohibited by law, eliminate womens' sports et. al., and require everyone to take one's word as their gender and not what's between their legs. 

This is Looney Tunes stuff. 

It's now interesting that there were no riots after Gorsuch's nomination to the Court, but there were multitude for Kavanaugh's. Hmm...

No need for so-called "Equality Act" that the House passed last year; the Supreme Court did Congress' job, again. 

This ruling most likely ruined Trump's re-election chances, since he's essentially no different than Joe Biden on LGBT issues, and many conservatives now probably won't show up on November 3rd and let the USA go to ashes. Obama won re-election eight years ago simply because many social conservatives refused to vote for Mitt Romney (aka Pierre Delecto), and rightfully so. 

Yes, it's well overdue for a 3rd party, but it won't be possible unless Biden is stopped. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

My Address to Class of 2020

Below, I embed the commencement address to the Class of 2020, aka the "COVID Class", for anyone to read. Everyone who received an academic credential must read it. Since most have been deprived of actual graduation ceremonies, many celebrities from all walks of life and persuasions have recorded commencement addresses this Spring. I have chosen to release mine on June 3rd, which happens to be the 11th anniversary (the actual day of the week!) of my walk across the stage to receive my trade certificate.

NOTE: On 6/29/2020, I discovered that Scribd changed part of the Churchill quote. I subsequently fixed it. Nothing would surprise me, but I hope this was not political. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Now's the time to leave...

For those who have or have not viewed this blog over the past decade, you may know that I'm an involuntary subject of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for almost 30 years. I've faced my fair share of grief just for being a patriot. 

Now's the time to leave King Charlie's fiefdom. There's no serious plan to send people back to work here, unless you're from the third world. 

I've been disfranchised in many ways. Just read my previous posts. That should be enough. 

Even if churches are allowed to reopen to the public, many "Catholic" ones simply won't, or severely restrict traditional practices. 

I've tried to start an altar missal apostolate, but it might not be feasible. 

If you want me to restart safely in a red state, it will be up to total strangers just like you. Just click on the poster on the sidebar to donate. I have no set benchmark. 

Right now peace of mind and true patriotism are more important. 

God Bless you on Fatima Day!


P.S. Only 2 more blog posts to go until I stop for good! 

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Worcester Baptist minister defends Constitutional rights, while (most) Catholics bow down to the CCP/DNC/RINOs

Pastor Kris Casey, a 2020 Martin Luther King
(Photo by Tom Joyce, New Boston Post)
God Bless the Rev. Kris Casey of Adams Square Baptist Church on Lincoln Street in Worcester, for being brave for accepting fines for defending the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and Article II of the Massachusetts Bill of Rights. 

Pastor Casey was fined $300 for opening his church to the public on Sunday, May 3rd, in defiance of King Charlie's March 23rd edict of shutting the once-great Commonwealth down to skeleton crews. The preacher believes that while the order does not provide a religious exemption to ban at first 25, reduced to 10 persons in a room, there has to be one under both Constitutions. 

Despite following CDC recommendations (taking temps, requiring masks, etc.) and spending a couple grand to professionally sterilize the church, the City of Worcester, which has been under Catholic Democrat control (mayor and/or city council) for at least a century, calls this preacher out. The now-far-left Telegram & Gazette even ran a front-page story of a another Baptist church in the city, that flies a rainbow flag, and it's pastor disavowing Casey by expressing support of the ban. (Since there are multiple Baptist denominations, not every one of them are affiliated with each other.) 

Even City Manager Ed "Caesar" Augustus, mentioned this was all political in this morning's T&G. Caesar makes $250,000 per year, has several houses, and reportedly has several boyfriends. (At least he hasn't mocked the marriage license, yet...) The only thing he's done good for the city is getting the Paw Sox, albeit at a every expensive price. He only has the job because he was placed there by the mob, over the City Council interviews of three other qualified finalists. 

Yet, the pro-abortion and pro-LGBT pols of BOTH parties within the Commonwealth are allowed to receive the Sacraments without penalty. Many Worcester officials did so disgracefully at Brian O'Connell's funeral, one of the few Worcester Democrats who died in office who actually deserved ecclesiastical burial. (I sat in the back pew and didn't receive because, unfortunately, it was the Novus Ordo.) 

Down a few blocks from Pastor Casey's church is the Catholic parish of St. Bernard's, pastored by former family friend Fr. Jonathan Slavinskas. I questioned a couple of years ago whether or not he received a kickback for delivering the invocation at the State Democratic Convention. 

Well, while the COVID-19 Pandemic restrictions began, Fr. Slavinskas recited a prayer before the U.S. House of Representatives at the invitation of Congressman Jim McGovern (D-Worcester), the Rules Chairman who was behind allowing Islamic gear into the dress code. Here's the rather disturbing public Facebook photo-op:

Just read the first comment. 

There's also a picture with Congressman Joe Kennedy III (D-Newton), Mass. U.S. Senate Candidate, primarying a former pro-lifer and forever treehugger, Ed Markey. Bear in mind that while Joe is young and has more class, his policies are nothing like those of Grandpa Bobby, Great Uncle Jack, Great Aunty Eunice & Great Uncle Sarge. 

So there we have it. Being loyal Democrats are more important than loyal Americans in the eyes of the Catholic hierarchy. Bringing in more pieces of cucca from the third world are more important than American babies in the womb. 

Massachusetts has managed this poorly. It also has the 2nd most cases because it has the deepest ties to Beijing. 

On this feast of Saint Pius V, the canonized Mass has not been offered regularly in Worcester in at least 50 years. It won't be anytime soon, as the Bishops are now in the pockets of the WHO when it comes to liturgical guidance. No more than ten people present, and mandatory Communion in the hand. 

At this point, President Trump should've waited to give the power back to the tyrant blue state governors (D and RINO). King Charlie's mask order, which takes effect tomorrow, drew a large protest at the State House

Pastor Kris Casey is willing to receive more fines and jail time for defending the Constitution. Most Catholics need to stop practicing excessive popery. Archbishop Lefebvre did so 50 years ago. Time for more justified civil and ecclesiastical disobedience. 💂

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Charlie Baker's mask order six weeks too late

Effective this Wednesday, May 6th, everyone present within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts must wear a mouth and nose covering in public, as decreed by an Emergency Executive Order signed by Gov. Charlie Baker (RINO) on May Day last Friday. He even blasted the liberal press that he's normally friendly with, starting that "is the new normal." 

While many other states, mostly in the South and Midwest, have started to make accommodations to open up business, those in the blue states suffer for their past sins of the community, whether or not personally committed. New Hampshire is doing a soft, staggered opening of other businesses (limited to residents), because Chris Sununu actually gets it. He's the first Governor to mandate K-12 online classes for the rest of the Spring semester, receiving praise from the White House. Charlie Faker only made them optional. 

It took until Good Friday, April 10th, for the Mass. DPH to make the suggestion of wearing masks in public. It's now six weeks into this Pandemic. 

Sorry Charlie, but you flubbed this one. (Again.) Don't spill out the rhetoric about "saving lives" when you signed a bill a couple years back to making killing babies in the womb a civil right. 

The Presidential Election is scheduled for six months from today's date. Will Charlie collude with sell-out Secretary of State Bill Galvin to kick President Trump off the Massachusetts ballot? (Unfortunately, the Constitution gives states the authority to do this.) 

When the new MBTA cars are made in Springfield by a Chinese Communist company, and then fall apart immediately on the tracks, you know this was Marxachusetts' May Day commemoration. 

In states where business are reopening, most Novus Ordo Churches aren't. Many are with severe restrictions, including mandatory Communion in the Hand. Unless it can be done reverently and properly, don't participate. Same applies with a TLM that's required to do this. 

Friday, May 1, 2020

Time for a Hot War against China

Today, May 1st, is the Feast of Saint Joseph the Worker, instituted by Pope Pius XII in 1955 as an anti-Communist feast to counter the May Day Celebrations that labor unions in Europe celebrate. (Since North American labor unions were anti-Communist until the 21st Century, U.S. Labor Day and Canadian Labour Day was selected to be the first Monday of September, to commemorate the end of summer vacations and honor the dignity of the paycheck.) 

Today also happens to be First Friday for the month of May 2020, the Marian Month. It is Our Lady of Fatima who reminded the faithful to perform their First Friday devotions and instituted the First Saturday Devotions (tomorrow) in reparation for "the errors of Russia", which now principally reside in China. 

It is necessary for the United States of America to declare war against China. They're responsible, period. Cold War II is not enough to regain our stolen intellectual property. 

For the record, if I were President right now, I would ask Congress for a Declaration of War. Enough diplomacy. 

The beauty about our Constitution is that Congress can actually act on their own and pass a War Powers act, and can override a Presidential veto of such act. But since the House Democratic majority is in bed with the Chinese Commies, they'd never act alone, take up a Senate bill, or simply just vote it down. 

I have suffered financially, academically, and professionally for the last decade. I don't qualify for COVID help. 

While I, along with Pat Buchanan, were amongst a few conservatives opposed to the Iraq War (as a teen), what would've the Bush Family done? 

Afghanistan was justified, Iraq was not justified, this current crises is indeed justified. We were chemically attacked. 

The only reason Team USA entered World War II was due to Pearl Harbor. FDR, without hesitation, went to war, which actually ended the Great Depression. 

Thursday, April 23, 2020

The Novus Ordo is worse...

Yesterday, Church Militant released a 45-minute long expose of ten cases of sexual abuse within the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX). This was produced starting in July 2019, when it was discovered that former Novus Ordo priest Fr. James McLucas of the Archdiocese of NYC, was hiding in a Society priory after being suspended by Cardinal Dolan (of all people). McLucas was also affiliated with the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP) in the late 1990's. 

Same Here!
There are discrepancies in the video that are totally incorrect. While the video features Christine Niles (host) calling a now-gay married man from Seattle, who hung up on the call, as a laicized SSPX priest portraying him as the first American ordained for the Society by Archbishop Lefebvre in 1980, this is incorrect. The first American admitted to the Econe Seminary and who stayed with the Society was Fr. Gregory Post, who was ordained with the first full class in 1975. The other Americans in that class of note are Sedevacantists or Sedeprivitionsists today (Dolan, Cekada, Sanborn, Jenkins, & Co.). (See Bishop Tissier's biography on Marcel Lefebvre, Page 447, for more info.) 

For the record, I have attended Mass celebrated by Fr. John Rizzo, a Massachusetts native and the ex-SSPX priest in the video. He was ordained 35 years ago by Archbishop Lefebvre. He's been ministering in Australia for a long time now, and occasionally visits his relatives in Massachusetts, often times to officiate at weddings of nieces and nephews. 

The following Tweet would be a more actuate picture of the whole situation:

This actually is correct. The Society currently has about 700 priests worldwide, more than a typical diocese. Most of them were formed in their six seminaries, others were incardinated. Between the expulsion of the Sedes in '83, those who left in '88 after the Consecrations, and Bishop Williamson's splinter group after he was expelled in 2012, the numbers could add up close to 2000. Their bishops have also ordained priests for other religious orders they work with, but technically they aren't SSPX.

It's well known that Archbishop Lefebvre didn't want one of the bishops to have superiorships within the SSPX. Fr. Franz Schmitzberger was the Superior General in '88, and hence was not consecrated bishop. Three years after the Archbishop went to his eternal reward, the 1994 General Chapter defied him and elected Bishop Bernard Fellay as Superior General. 

Under Canon Law, once a member of a religious order is consecrated to the Episcopacy, his vow of obedience to his superiors is automatically dispensed. 

I have written open recommendations on this blog for Bishop Fellay to be the next Archbishop of Boston. Obviously this was wishful thinking, given the Vatican is now a Commie organization. 

Say what you like, but at least the SSPX actually has a 50-year history of weeding people out that shouldn't be there. The Novus Ordo is worse. The very threat of the Faith being extinct is currently within our midst. More anti-Catholic bigots and self-haters are being created every second once an abuse allegation surfaces.  

It also doesn't help the current hierarchy is openly racist against poor, conservative white men, and rooting for China over the West. Cardinal Sean of Boston now has a portrait in his office portraying Saint Patrick as a black guy. This is historically inaccurate. It's no different of poor taste to depict Martin Luther King as a white guy. 

It's places like SSPX chapels are the only way that people like me can practice the Faith come the future. The USCCB is against peasants and "Uncle Toms." 

COVID -19 is here because of the idiot Catholics who refused to vote for Pat Buchanan, Alan Keyes, and/or Rick Santorum. If Joe Biden becomes President, my days as a Catholic are likely over. 

UPDATE 4/24/2020: Official SSPX U.S. District Response

Friday, April 17, 2020

Setting the record straight

Today marks the 245th anniversary of the "Shot Heard Around the World" out of Lexington and Concord, blasted on April 17, 1775. This began America's War for Independence. 

April 17th was the fixed day for Patriots Day in the Commonwealth (and Maine, which was owned by Mass. until 1820). For the first half of the 20th Century, the Boston Marathon was always held on April 17th, except for Good Friday, where it was transferred to the following Monday. In 1967, Gov. Frank Sargent signed a bill designating the third Monday of April as Patriots Day, and all Marathons were moved to this day...

...except in 2020. Due to the ongoing plague, the Boston Athletic Association (BAA) decided to move the this year's event to Monday, September 14th.*** (The 2013 Terrorist Attack took place a few hours after the winners were crown with their wreaths.) 

Either way, while many persons have been furloughed from work recently due to COVID-19, Your's Truly has been persecuted professionally and academically since the 2008 Recession. Political and religious persecution, while tied into the aforementioned subjects, predates the current occupant of the Oval Office. (See more recent posts for further explanation.) 

Most persons near my age solidly support Socialism and Communism. Like them, I practically live as a serf. But I don't believe in them. 

Most hold this view due to the student debt crisis, that even the best students who got successful careers won't be able to repay. They think free college will ease the problem; it won't. 

When most bosses are against God and country, good people like me are only a heartbeat away from the gutter. This is me in a nutshell. This might be you as well. 

Yes, I actually now do support a war against Communist China. They disrupted the world; they must pay. Look at this Tweet from Gordon Chang for inspiration:

Since the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has been appeasing the ChiComs for at least a couple of decades, and likely is behind this due to allowing Harvard et. al. for doing dirty deeds on the soil, they need to pay up also. 

Nixon going to China ruined our manufacturing base and has caused all urban wrath for the past 50 years. Henry Kissinger recently praised China. That should explain it all. 

Unfortunately, it's the Ds who are 100% on team CCP five decades later. Some GOPers, including the Bush Dynasty, are Chinese beneficiaries as well. 

Historically, an American financial crisis always started under a Republican administration, most other times caused by the administration. Hebert Hoover caused the Great Depression in 1929 by raising the highest tax bracket to 70% to pay for his Dam. There were mini recessions during the Nixon and Reagan years. Bush Sr., by raising taxes and being lax on immigration enforcement, was primaried by Pat Buchanan and booted out of office. Bush Jr. finished the jobs his father couldn't. John McCain's 2008 campaign was just token opposition to Obama, as no Republican had a chance after 2 wars and the Great Recession. 

If Reparations are to be paid, they must go to the order of all those who've been screwed for the past twelve years as well, if they're really severely damaged and of good moral character. 

The High School Class of 2020, who will receive their diplomas in the mail...entered kindergarten during the height of the Bush Recession. Typically, they're from families where 3 1/2 jobs are required to make ends meet, and spent grammar and jr. high schools brainwashed by leftist propaganda. They might have things worse off than my age cohort. 

History is not on social conservatives' side. Even though foreign actors and domestic traitors are behind this, it's very likely the Commies might take over come November, provided elections can safely be held. 

***UPDATE June 2020: Marathon has been outright cancelled. 😢

Sunday, April 12, 2020

No Public Easter thanks to the V

For the first time in living memory, there are no public Easter Masses available. 

You can thank Mr. McCarrick for this one. Just ask Cardinal Zen. 

Even celebrating Easter with a bunny is banned this year. 

The place that's supposed to be the world headquarters of Christendom is now a major player for Communism. Thanks Sankt Gallen Mafia. 

Time for China to pay up. The only way to do it is WWIII. 💰💱💲💰💣💣💣

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

No April Fools joke: Franco-type dictatorship needed in MA

Due to COVID-19, spread to the United States via Harvard and Biogen via Espionage, has practically shut-down the country and most businesses except grocery stores, gas stations, and hospitals. Restaurants can only do take-out and/or drive-thru. People and industries that can are working from home via telecommute. Houses of worship are closed, and there are no public funerals. 

The obligation to fast and abstain from meat during Lent and Fridays has been dispensed, along with Mass attendance. 

Bear in mind that today's events are an act of war, via biochemicals, yet even the White House has refused to refer to it as such, thus far. 

Don't get me wrong, President Trump does deserve 100% credit for keeping the amount of innocent deaths below the once projected 1 to 2 million in the USA. However, Massachusetts, the state where I'm an involuntary subject for 30 years this Fall, is totally in cahoots with China, today's guardian of the "Errors of Russia" (i.e. Communism that controlled the former Soviet Union) as Our Lady of Fatima warned 103 years ago. 

Other than the academic institutions, both public and private, most high-end real estate in Boston is owned (at least partially) by Chinese investors. The new MBTA Red Line and Orange Line cars that broke down after their debut last Fall, while manufactured in Springfield, were produced by a Chinese company, thanks to the Deval Patrick Administration. Worcester, the future home of the Pawtucket Red Sox (AAA), saw it's city council give a tax break to another Chinese biomanufacturer, while refusing the commercial property taxes to keep longtime manufacturers within the city limits. 

There is talk, and will likely go through, that some DA's are making deals to release some prisoners due to their own health and safety. Bull. 

The last small paragraph is the reason why Trump must do more than issue an Emergency  Disaster Declaration for the Commonwealth et. al. If he were serious in cleansing the USA of those who jumped the fence, now is the perfect time to declare martial law and send all prisoners and political opponents to the furnace. 

The Catholic churches are closed with the Vatican's own-doing. Personally, I hope none of them reopen in MA, with the exception of the SSPX and the St. Benedict Center. The Archdiocese of Boston has been a part of the "Boston Axis of Evil" since the 1950's, when Cardinal Cushing sold-out to Planned Parenthood. During the Boston Bussing Crisis of the mid-'70's, Cardinal Medeiros refused to educate the (mostly) Irish-blooded Catholics from South Boston, but instead told Catholics to obey Judge W. Arthur Garrity's "desegregation" ruling, which was really a plot to destroy the Boston Public Schools, since there were never any Jim Crow laws on the books up here. 

The ouster of our last conservative Catholic constitutional officer, Gov. Edward J. King, in the 1982 Democratic Primary, was part of a coup by Billy Bulger and then-AG Frank Bellotti to protect Whitey. King was a Coolidge-type figure who was a Democrat only because he supported union labor, the only prerequisite in the good-old days. Today, the Democrats are covering for the Chinese Commies (not the dissidents who are on our side). 

Gov. King supported the death penalty, including for abortions. Charlie Baker thinks they're a sacrament. 

MA has given up free and fair elections as of 2018. Time for a Franco-type dictatorship, where you still have plenty of personal liberties and the ladies can wear bikinis on the beach.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Statement on COVID-19

Christopher Whittle, the former writer of this blog, issues the following statement regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) that has caused an international pandemic:

I would direct your attention toward a couple of videos. The first one, from WCVB-TV (Channel 5), Boston, from January 28th regarding the arrest of Dr. Charles Lieber, Chairman of the Biochemistry Dept. at Harvard et. al.:

The second video is the Vortex by Church Militant's Michael Voris from Yesterday, March 18th:

The Chinese Wuhan Virus is forenamed due to it was shot up into the atmosphere at the authority of the Chinese Communist Party that has totalitarian control of the People's Republic of China. The restrictions on public gatherings placed upon by the civil authorities of the several governments (national, state/provincial, and local) are absolutely justified to protect the public health and safety of the citizenry.

As mentioned in the Channel 5 report, Dr. Lieber had personal financial ties to the Wuhan lab that bioengineered the COVID-19. Hence, it was a traitor to America, now in jail awaiting due process facing charges for medical and scientific espionage, NOT the U.S. Armed Forces. 

The purpose of this biowarfare was to kill people and disrupt everyone's way of life. 

Don't be surprised that the Vatican, the USCCB, and more specifically, the Archdiocese of Boston, are behind this. 

The fact that Joe Biden is going to be the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party says it all. For actual Catholics, a Biden administration would be a real slap in the face, as he has not been pro-life since voting for the original Hyde Amendment in 1977. He essentially ran the Obama White House, which was very soft on China. 

If things get worse, I would support a U.S. (or WWIII) against China. All they do is steal everyone's IP. American Chinatowns, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore are much more superior than the Commies. 

If Biden gets elected (provided there's an election), my days as a Catholic might be numbered. You can thank Mr. McCarrick for this one. ⁜

Sunday, December 1, 2019

FINAL WARNING: The Errors of Russia are omnipotent in America

America is on it's final thread. I am on mine. 

With Communist infiltration of the West, via Catholic seminaries, abortion, contraception, immigration without assimilation, same-sex marriage, transgendered bathrooms and Gender X driver's licenses, it's very safe to say that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts fully possesses the "Errors of Russia" as Our Lady of Fatima warned. 

Practically every Bay State resident of all stripes, with very few exceptions, is actively rooting for the successful impeachment, conviction, and removal of President Donald J. Trump, at the very least. As I mentioned at the very beginning of the inquiry, once he is charged by the House of Representatives, it's over for his Administration. It won't matter if the Senate acquits, the damage is already done. If I'm still in Taxachusetts, I might as well write someone else in, as even former Gov. Bill Weld wouldn't have a chance, despite being a libertarian. Pierre Delecto did poorly against Obama in '12 in the now-Gay State, where at least half the marriages are LGBT, 15% of students are as such, and at least a full percentage point have sex-change operations as minors, at least 300% above the global average. (Conservative gays like Milo, Brandon Straka, Dave Rubin, and the dudes who organized the Straight Pride Parade are not welcome because they don't believe it should be the primary family unit.)

If Massachusetts doesn't want to be part of the United States, I would only be sympathetic to a Mass Exit if it were guaranteed to be a Catholic Confessional State (i.e. pre-Vatican II). It's merited that only the Society of Saint Pius X is the only Catholic sacerdotal order that has earned the exclusive right to administer the Sacraments within the boundaries of the Commonwealth. You can thank the late Cardinal Cushing for starting this. 

This weekend's 50th anniversary of the commencement of the Novus Ordo Missae is anything but golden. It's marks the beginning of the end of the institutionalized sacramental Church. Nobody knows when Gabriel is going to blow the Trumpet, but we cannot live to presume he will do it shortly. 

Personally, I should've never been born in the first place. I'm only alive because of Dr. Farricy at the Olde St. Vincent's Hospital 29 years and 10 weeks ago. My breach birth was delivered via c-section in a Catholic hospital under the supervision of a pro-life OB/GYN. I was born to older parents, who can't be considered model parents could've easily  been much worse. 

Fast forward three decades later, you can't go to medical school if you're pro-life. Practically most of the newer doctors are uber-liberal Democrats who support Medicare for All, who would rather euthanize anyone not of overproductive status. They clearly don't support the Second Amendment, as many newer immigrants don't appreciate American history and culture. 

My family only survived in the Commonwealth due to the one-term tenure of Gov. Edward J. King, the REAL guy behind the Massachusetts Miracle of the 1980's. If it weren't for the last conservative pro-life Catholic Reagan Democrat to hold statewide office forty years go, the Bay State would not exist today. Mike Dukakis' second stint as Governor was part of a coup by Billy Bulger to protect Whitey. If Gov. King won a much deserved second term, there would've been no Bush Dynasty, the second chief reason why we're a dangerously divided country today. (The first ones being Ted Kennedy's '65 Immigration and Naturalization Act and Nixon going to China.) More importantly, Massachusetts would've likely passed stricter matrimonial laws regarding pre-Cana and financial fitness under Ed King's second term, expanding on a statute that gives Mass. Governors the authority to block a wedding for a good reason. (Dukakis should've blocked my parents, thanks to my dad's previous divorce.) 

It is the Bush years that are the reason why I've never been financially and professionally stable. Say what you like, but I have a very good reason to be a nativist. 

Once the Democrat takes office at noon ET on January 20, 2021, it will be the conservatives' turn to rebel, but not via flag burning. Too bad Deval Patrick filed paperwork on the deadline day with New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner and not the last pro-life Catholic Democrat from Boston, former Mayor Ray Flynn. Cadillac Deval is the reason why it took ten years for me to get my driver's license; he signed a bill in 2007 that requires all jr. operators to take one year of driver's ed., something that my parents, along with many others, cannot simply afford. Then there comes my leg issues... (BTW, Secretary Gardner is the only Democrat still alive who knows how to accurately count ballots.) 

Instead of the historical Christian Commonwealth, Massachusetts today is a full-blown Democratic Socialist Confessional State. It's not just the hacks who work on Beacon Hill, but those in academia, clergy, healthcare, and business. You can thank Jim Lyons for selling-out his principles as being a Never-Trumper from the right, but accepting the MassGOP chairmanship, a party that is owned by Charlie Faker and since affiliated with the RNC, is required to support the President and nobody to the right of him. (See the September 2019 Boston Broadside photos of the NH Trump Rally for more info.) 

Honestly, most conservatives from Massachusetts, the few that do live here, are to the right of the Trump Administration. They have no choice but to be. If I were more stable, I would run for the U.S. Senate (from the right) against Ed Markey (a once pro-lifer who wanted to overturn Roe v. Wade) or Joe Kennedy III (nothing like his great grandfather or great uncle; very big on allowing little boys to cut their wee-wees off). 

To really upset a lot of people, if I were actually old enough, I would primary the President from the right as a serious challenger. It would be very handy for a Catholic in the White House who actively opposes Frankenpope, equating him with al-Baghadhi. 

The fact that the GOP is losing suburban women--even pro-life women--is because they have zero tolerance for bad mouthing. Trump can make gains with Blacks and Hispanics, but the Party of Lincoln, Coolidge, and Reagan cannot survive much longer without the upperclass. They simply don't care if the economy is doing ok overall. It's more to them. 

America is finished, and my career was ruined back around 2014. Don't plan on Andrew Yang or Tulsi Gabbard on the Democratic ticket because they don't hate conservatives. Bloomberg's last-minute entry is just a waste. Time to buckle our seatbelts for this extremely bumpy ride. 

Where and how children are raised will effect them, practically almost every detail. I believe my family would be much different if they had a little house in New Hampshire rather than renting in Massachusetts. 

This blog ends here in disappointment. ✪