Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Best video tribute to L' Cathedrale de Notre Dame de Paris on the event of it's tragic fire

Please pay attention, especially at 2:36:

Thanks to the Medieval architects and stone masons, the core structure of the Notre Dame, sustained by the flying buttresses, survived the inferno. It can be restored. Multimillion euro fundraising efforts have begun with about €350 million pledged thus far. 

May the Lord rebuild this important piece of Christendom. 

May God bless you all during the rest of Holy Week and have a Blessed Easter! 

Monday, April 15, 2019

2019 Patriots Day Message

Six years ago today on the exact day of this week, three victims lost their lives at 2:50 PM at the Boston Marathon Finish Line. An MIT Police Officer was killed in conjunction of finding the culprits later in the week.

During the period of mourning, instead of offering an public Requiem Mass for the repose of the victims' souls, all of whom were Catholic, President Obama, the most anti-Catholic occupant of the White House ever, came to the Cathedral of the Holy Cross for a "Go Sox" Rally under the billing of an interfaith prayer service. (The Red Sox did win the World Series that year.) Still to this day, no Requiems have been offered by the Archdiocese

A solemn commemoration at the finish line exactly one year later was the last major patriotic event within the city limits of Boston. The "Boston Strong" slogan was short-lived. 

Under Mayor "Mohammed" Marty Walsh's administration, Boston is now a sanctuary city. Illegals are allowed to roam the streets, get jobs, and live in subsidized housing, all with preferential treatment. Illegals can sleep in City Hall while homeless vets are left out in the cold. The Peronist Mayor takes all his cues from the Peronist Pontiff. He's made sure he can speak and receive the Novus Ordo Cookie at Catholic funerals for fallen firefighters, and to make sure the Traditional Latin Requiem Mass is not used. He has also ruined, along with Ray Flynn's son, the South Boston Irish Parade by requiring gay groups march or cancellation. (Former Mayor Ray Flynn is the only living pro-life and pro-traditional marriage Democrat remaining who's held elected office in Massachusetts; too bad his City Councilor son, Eddie, isn't...) 

Boston in 2019 is far, far-left than it was in 2013. Ever since Tom Menino stepped-down and later passed away, the City has gone down hill. Mumbles could fill potholes, but Marty can't. Most of the city's population has moved in since Walsh took office, which is yuppified. Most are young professionals who hate anything right-of-center (never mind President Trump): God, country, family, veterans, patriotism, guns, and all conservative principles too long to list. They worship climate change, infanticide, eat organic and vegan, hate plastic because it's created from oil, put their hands on their crotches during the National Anthem, think it's okay to freely change your gender and for men to use the ladies room. The average person can no longer afford to live in Boston anymore, even in Southie, since new gentrified studio apartments go for about $3000 per month! 

Yesterday, on Palm Sunday, the Cathedral reopened it's main church sanctuary after a $26 million renovation of the interior. Cardinal Sean held the Palm Sunday service and his annual blessing of runners in today's Marathon for those who seek it. There were no Rededication Rites performed as required for a newly constructed/renovated church interior! Here's the final product:

Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Palm Sunday Liturgy, April 14, 2019
(Photo By George Martel | Cathedral of the Holy Cross Facebook [Public])

As one can see, this renovation is a flop. 

Yes, according to several Boston media interviews, the electrical, mechanical, and plumbing infrastructure was so bad that this renovation was necessary in order to save the Cathedral. But considering all the sacrilegious ordinations performed by Cardinals Cushing, Medeiros, Law, and the auxiliary bishops back in the day, it would've been wholly appropriate to let the building rot. They could've built some more condos like they've done behind the Cathedral to match the rest of the neighborhood, since there won't be as many Mass-going Catholics in the South End in a few years unless all the other city parishes are closed. 

The marble and LED lighting are immaterial. While the high altar tabernacle has been broken into and now can house the Blessed Sacrament once again, the five steps were not extended enough to allow the celebration of Holy Mass upon it. A new marble N.O. altar has been installed (without ceremony). No communion rail was included. 

Let us pray that Sean's successor (he turn's 75 this June) rights the wrongs, including with the Cathedral, by restoring the steps to the high altar as originally placed, eliminates the N.O. table, restores the communion rail, and straightens-out the front sanctuary steps. Hiring the union (and mafia) contractor Suffolk Construction pretty much ensures that God's will no need to be done, as unions today have total contempt for anything traditional. 

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Proud owner of a MyPillow!

Watch Mike Lindell tell his story on The Patrick Coffin Show:

Yes, anything is possible! Hopefully, I'm next with the Missal project

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Charlie Faker has April off to a good start by signing anti-Christian bigoted bills into law

Anyone following Mass. Governor Charlie Baker for the past five years knows he's a RINO's RINO, a liberal Democrat pretending to be a Republican. The most recent bills he signed into law that are anti-Christian just put the icing on the cake. 

On April 1st, Chicken Charlie signed a bill to make up for Federal budget cuts to Planned Parenthood, where the Massachusetts PP's got $8 million in Federal money in addition to the $25 million  Beacon Hill gives the baby-killing machine annually. So that adds up to $33 million in state tax dollars going to killing our Commonwealth's future, while there's no money for essential state services like roads, bridges, potholes, police, firemen, and public schools. 

Yesterday, Charlie also made Massachusetts the 16th state in the Union to ban gay conversion therapy to minors. This law is effective immediately since the hacks put in an emergency preamble. 

Some states have banned the practice completely (like CA and NJ), while others have restricted the shockwave therapy. But not here in Taxachusetts, the law prohibits any licensed counselor to discuss sexual orientation and/or transgenderism to patients under age 18. So in another words, just having a simple conversation can result in criminal prosecution and loss of license. Even though no one uses this treatment anywhere in the state, the hacks had to again stick it to those who support Judeo-Christian principles. 

MassEquality, the chief LGBT lobby, originally opposed the Senate version due to the provision that it would require DCF to take the kids away from their parents. This was scraped during committee conferencing. 

In either event, the Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI) is going to sue the Commonwealth for First Amendment violations. MFI President Andrew Beckwith said the following after the bill signing: "MFI will pursue legal action against the Counseling Ban to defend the constitutional rights of parents and counselors in our Commonwealth." 

Again, the small, Evangelical Protestant minority in Massachusetts are defending the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ while the Catholic bishops are on more focused on shilling for illegals and Muslims. This is why Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito (RINO) and every Democrat not named Ray Flynn are allowed to remain Catholics in good standing, while Trad. and conservative Catholics who overwhelmingly want to Make America Great Again and support a RICO investigation of the Church hierarchy are routinely ridiculed. 

Bear in mind these laws have only deeply accelerated under Francis. Easter is coming soon, and it's time for American Catholics to make their annual Confession and tell the priest you didn't vote for Former U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania Rick Santorum for President. You're going to really regret it once any form of Christianity is eventually criminalized and/or the USA is broken up under the next D admin. 

Monday, April 1, 2019

St. Mary's on Broadway, Providence, RI (FSSP) featured on WPRI-TV 12 Eyewitness News

Here is the segment from last night's Eyewitness News on WPRI-TV Channel 12 (Providence CBS affiliate) regarding Saint Mary's on Broadway Providence, Rhode Island, saved by the pastoral care of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter. The video features the pastor, Fr. John Berg, FSSP (immediate past Superior General) and Juventutem Boston leader Jack Marriott:

Providence is one of the few U.S. cities that have 2 TLM parishes with 2 Sunday Masses (Low and High) apiece, with the explicit blessing of the Bishop. St. Mary's on Broadway is on Federal Hill (west side), while the other parish is Holy Name on Camp St. (near Brown and RISD), which has a TLM since 1994. 

Thank you Bishop Tobin for saving another parish church! 

Friday, March 29, 2019

It appears far-left Wilton Gregory is going to be the next D.C. Archbishop

Several news reports have heard the rumor that Frankenpope has asked Atlanta Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory to become Donna Wuerl's successor in Washington, D.C. This is not good news for faithful Catholics in the D.C. area. 

To be upfront, this condemnation has nothing to do with race. While Archbishop Gregory is a 71-year-old black man, there is another African-American bishop around the same age who, in my opinion, has been denied a diocese because he says Pontifical High Masses. His name is His Excellency, the Most Rev. Joseph Perry, Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago.

According to the late Richard Sipe in Chapter 4 of Sexual Orientation & American Roman Catholic Bishops, Gregory is a homosexual amongst the sample listing of 32 living and deceased prelates (as of 2006), which includes Uncle Ted, Spellman, Wright, and his episcopal consecrator Bernardin, who is listed as "Homosexual/Bisexual." (Wuerl did not make the cut for this list...) He has governed accordingly after being mentioned as a Chicago auxiliary for Bernardin from 1983-94, in Belleville, Illinois from 1994-2004, and in Atlanta for the past fifteen years. According to Rorate Caeli, Gregory "is liberal on everything," including being pro-choice, pro-illegal immigrant, and against reverent liturgies. He is one of Bernardin's Boys. 

Wilton Gregory was USCCB president in 2002 when the Dallas Charter was implemented, which only deals with procedures for abuse committed by priests, deacons, seminarians, and other church employees against those under the age of 18. It does nothing to protect seminarians, vulnerable priests, the poor, the elderly, the disabled from abuse, nor it doesn't protect from predator prelates. While it's true according to current Canon Law that the Vatican is superior to all bishops worldwide, it's the do-nothing actions of Bergoglio, Inc. that will allow these sins to continue. 

It's pretty odd that at age 71 an archbishop would accept a transfer at an advanced age, given that the canonical retirement age is 75. The Pope, however, does not have to accept an episcopal resignation, hence he let Wuerl stay on for three years after submitting his resignation. 

This offer appears to be political. The Archbishop of Washington, D.C. does have quite a bit of ecclesiastical influence on national politics. This appointment could be a bully-pulpit against the GOP and permanently make the Novus Ordo establishment a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democrats, provided they win the White House back in 2020. 

Another opinion is that this offer would potentially make Gregory a Cardinal, since most D.C. Archbishops have been cardinals, and allow him to serve until age 80, when he would then be too old to vote in conclaves. To me, this is disingenuous since the Pope has the authority to make any bishop he wants a cardinal, with Francis naming regular ordinaries of small dioceses in the Caribbean cardinals. Ever since Archbishop Chaput was transferred from Denver to Philadelphia, he was never named a Cardinal despite most Philly Archbishops of recent memory wearing red hats. (Same with Boston, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, but Archbishop Gomez, like Chaput, has transferred from San Antonio to LA but never given a red hat.) If Frankenpope wanted to make Wilton Gregory a Cardinal, he could've gotten his red hat in Atlanta. 

Covering-up for abuse gives you a promotion, I guess? So Francis can't find someone younger in his mold to dispense Novus Ordo cookies throughout the Swamp to fake Catholic politicians. 

UPDATE 4/4/2019

Wilton Gregory has accepted the appointment. 😡😢😬😭😱😹😿🙍🙎

Monday, March 25, 2019

Trump cleared of Russia collusion--and ONLY Russia collusion

Yesterday, Attorney General William Barr issued a letter to Congress summarizing the  concluded Mueller Report.

While breaking news segments have reported that the President has been cleared of colluding with the Russians to cheat his way to the White House, the Report states, as quoted in the AG's letter, "while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him." (Emphasis mine) 

Bear in mind that the Special Counsel was commissioned to investigate Russian collusion, and ONLY Russian collusion. The President has been cleared of this, but NOT any other potential high crime or misdemeanor that the Constitution requires impeachment (Art. II, Sec. 4). 

Longstanding Department of Justice policy is not to criminally prosecute a sitting President since the Constitution has the impeachment process to juridically punish sitting Presidents, Vice Presidents, cabinet members, justices and judges. There is nowhere in the Constitution, however, stating that such actions can be done. As a matter of practicality, the principal officers of the government would not be summoned into a regular courtroom, and hence the impeachment process is the more appropriate course of action to indict and try a sitting government official. 

As it turned out, $25 million of taxpayer money was wasted since no other indictments or prosecution referrals were recommended, even for those on both sides of the aisle. Special prosecutors are usually not appointed unless there is a conflict of interest or something very serious that would almost indeed result in an indictment. 

Robert Mueller's part might be over, but this is far from over. It will be up to the House Judiciary Committee to review the full-length report and to subpoena additional evidence necessary to refer an indictment to the House floor, where only a simple majority vote is required to impeach. (Two-thirds, or 67 votes out of 100 Senators, a required for a conviction in the Senate, which includes an automatic penalty of removal from office.) 

Article II, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution states: "The President, Vice President and all other civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors."

It's pretty clear that a parking ticket near Trump Tower is an impeachable offense. 

Please read the AG's letter here

Please also read Chris Ferrara's honest Remnant column regarding this here. He could've easily been the Attorney General in a certain Catholic stateman's administration that would've halted all of today's evil coming from the Church, state, and society. 

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Fr. Davide Pagliarani's first English-language interview as SSPX Superior General

Happy Saint Benedict's Day! 

Below is the Angelus Press interview of Fr. Davide Pagliarani, Superior General of the Society of Saint Pius X, on the occasion of his first United States visit in his official capacity. This is his first English-language interview: 

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Pro-Life Catholic WV AG sues the one-state diocese

On pages 97-98 of my 2015 Counterfeit Church book that only the equivalent of my fingers and toes purchased, I write the following:

Clergy who say they are "Roman Catholic" and refuse to act as such are committing fraud...The only practical way to ensure Catholic orthodoxy is to enforce consumer advocacy laws. [...] ❡So in order to ensure Roman Catholic institutions are what they say they are, laws have to be passed to enforce dogma, or existing laws must be applied to deal with such situations. (New emphasis added) 

Well, the Attorney General of West Virginia, Patrick Morrisey, a pro-life Catholic, has filed suit against the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston under the state's Consumer Protection Act, for knowingly hiring homosexual predator priests and other employees. The Diocese covers the whole state. Bishop Emeritus Michael Bransfield, also named in the lawsuit, resigned last fall in disgrace after being the kingpin, and has lost his priestly faculties from Baltimore Archbishop William Lori, for whom West Virginia is suffragan. 

Most of the alleged incidences occurred in the Catholic schools run by the diocese. The Attorney General, who ran an unsuccessful U.S. Senate campaign against Joe Manchin last year, noted that "this lawsuit demonstrates our resolve to pursue avenue to effectuate change as no one is above the law." 

No one can call this AG an anti-Catholic bigot since he's one actually doing his job to call a spade a spade.